Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 2

This is my second week of Trim Healthy Mama.  This week I thought I'd include my workouts too.

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30 Day Shred Level 2

Breakfast- (S)3 Eggs Fried in Coconut oil with Nutritional Yeast and 1 slice of bacon
Snack-(FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch- (E) Trim Healthy Pancakes w/1/4 cup blueberries, 0% Greek yogurt and sugar free syrup
Snack- (FP) Big Boy Smoothie
Supper- (S) Salmon cooked in butter with Baked Kale S style
Snack- (S) Chocolate Cake in a Mug with a couple small pieces of Skinny Chocolate with nuts


Obstacles XRT Beginner level because I wanted a 20 minute workout

Breakfast- (E) Breakfast Burrito (egg white, salmon, broccoli, peppers and onions)
Lunch- (FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Supper- (S) bacon cheeseburger in lettuce and buttered broccoli (ate at Applebee's)
Snack-(FP) Choco Pudding (S) Skinny Chocolate

No workout.  I wanted to but Sundays are busy and I took a nap instead.

Breakfast-(FP)Fat Stripping Frappa
Snack- (S) 2 Boiled Eggs, a handful of walnuts and almonds, string cheese
Lunch- (FP) Egg White Wraps with leftover salmon and veggies
Supper- (FP) Loaded Fotato Soup

I made a (FP) Chia Tapioca Pudding today.  I ate the whole thing but not all at once...throughout the day I had some.

Snack- (FP) Egg White Wraps with Light Laughing Cow Cheese, deli chicken and mixed spring greens.  Then a dessert of Tummy Tucking Ice Cream (FP) with 3 small pieces of Skinny Chocolate.(S)

I definitely ate too much tonight.  ugh


30 Day Shred- Level 2

Breakfast-(E) Trim Healthy Pancakes with 0% Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup blueberries, swirl SF syrup
Lunch- (FP) Loaded Fotato Soup (1/2) serving, 1 Joseph's Pita with Light Laughing Cow cheese
Snack- (FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Supper- (S) Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli on Dreamfields Pasta
Snack- (S) some Cheesecake Berry Crunch on top of (FP) Lemon Mousse

(What a delicious day!)


Went for a run this morning.  I run/walk to avoid injury and because I like it.  I used a 1 minute ratio today and ran/walked for about 25 minutes..with some warm up and cool down walking too.

Breakfast- (ate very late) (S) Corned Beef Hash with 2 fried eggs
Lunch- I didn't eat lunch because my breakfast was so late
Snack- (FP)Lemon mousse with a few raspberries and (S) almonds and a piece of skinny chocolate
Supper- (S) Get Together Salmon (delicious!!), roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli with butter
Snack- (FP)Lemon mousse with a small amount of Cheesecake Berry Crunch, a Joseph's lavash with Light Laughing Cow cheese. (S) I also had a handful of roasted almonds.

I also made some Earth Milk today and had a little bit.  I was planning to make a Green Tea Frappa but never did....probably tomorrow.

20 minute workout I made up including strength, cardio and abs.

Breakfast- (S) I was out and about so I cut up some light cheese into cubes and took a small baggie of almonds and walnuts. I probably should have had some boiled eggs too.
Snack-(FP) Fat Stripping Mocha Frappa
Lunch-(E) Luv My Sweet Potato Lunch...yum!!
Supper-(S) Hearty Red Soup and Marcy's Cheese Bread

No official workout but I did use my exercise ball for a little bit.

Breakfast- Green Tea Frappa (early) Healthy Trim Pancakes (later AM)
Lunch- (E) 1/2 Sweet Potato and about 1/2 cup Greek yogurt with small amount of blueberries and Truvia
Snack-(S) Choco Pudding with a small amount of mixed nuts
Supper- (S) Cobb Salad (out)
Snack- (S) a few small plan pb cookies and some lemon mousse with a bit of Cheesecake Berry Crunch on top

I am very pleased with how this week went.  I have LOST weight this week and this has not happened to me in so long.  I LOVE THM food!

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