Monday, February 25, 2013

Goal Planning Monday

Here is this week's Goal Planning Monday post at Mama Manuscripts. An update on how I did with last week's goals and new ones for this week.

I didn't get much accomplished this past week, but it was vacation and my husband was home all week.  Hopefully I'll do better this week.

1. Write in my Journible every day and review my scripture memory verses each day. (Yes!  I finished my first Journible this morning.  I reviewed my verses almost every day.)

2. Exercise at least 5 days this week. (Yes!)

3. Try to do some cleaning in the closet and maybe in the kitchen.  I have some cupboards that need some cleaning out. (No :( )

4. Taxes....oh how I need to get these done but don't want to. (Ugh..NO)

5. Finish some blog posts. (Yes)

Goals for this week:

1. Start my new Journible (book of John) and continue working on scripture memory verses.

2. Exercise 5 or more times this week.

3. Get back to some Fly Lady!

4. Taxes.  DO them!!

5. Finish and work on some reviews.  Do my regular blog posts.

6. Work on my closet.

If I get these all done I will be very happy.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I hope you got your taxes done... if not I encourage you to let this comment get you moving on that. My hubby did one of our taxes... I can't remember if it was state or federal and still has the other to take care of.

Vacation for your hubby is a good excuse to not get as much done. You should have put spend lots of time with hubby on your list then you would have had another to-do to put Yes on.

I hope you are getting your cleaning and reviews done. I have some cleaning to do as well. Your dedication to your exercising is encouraging to me. I gotta go make dinner. God Bless.

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