Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Read Aloud Challenge

Well thanks to Blizzard Nemo this week was not a total loss like the last one was.  This week, I not only read some great picture books to the younger children we also read parts of several other books.

In the late fall, I started reading At the Back of the North Wind.  We are about 80% of the way through this book.  I don’t love it but I am determined to finish it. We read some of this even before the storm and we’ve continued a little at a time.

 photo znorthwind_smaller.jpg

On the day the storm started, my daughter Emma received a belated birthday present from her oldest sister Rebecca.  She sent her the entire set of Little House books.  So I started reading the first book as well. (Becca took all of the ones we had (they were hers) when she moved to NY so it’s great to have a new set for the younger kids to enjoy.)

 photo zlittlehouse_zps6de880f7.jpg

We also started reading The Princess Bride but since I hadn’t read it before I wasn’t really comfortable with where the storyline was going so I stopped reading it out loud.  I am going to try to read it myself though to see what I think.

We also read a bunch of picture books...mainly snowy ones. :)

Want some reading inspiration?  Visit Footprints in the Butter for this week's challenge to see what others are reading.

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