Monday, February 4, 2013

Goal Planning Monday

I haven't posted on Goal Planning Monday from Real Life: Unscripted in a very long time. Last week I linked up with 3 in 30 with 3 goals to complete in the next 30 days. (or this month) My weekly goals will cover those plus some.

1. Write in my Journible every day.

2. Review my Bible verses that I am memorizing each day.

3. Exercise 4 or 5 days this week.

4. Spend 15 minutes each day decluttering either my closet or junk drawer.

5. Update my FlyLady control journal and routines.

6. Gather everything I need to do the taxes (ugh and do I have to??)

7. Blog posts...especially upcoming reviews.

8. Read out loud to the kids.

9. Go to bed earlier.

10. Waste less time on this computer!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Looks like some great goals. I am so glad to have returning participant. I hope you will keep joining us.

Go to bed earlier... I need that. It has been after midnight to many nights and today I woke up at 9:30!!! It felt like half my day was gone already and I am speeding to catch up but can't.

Tomorrow is Monday again already. I hope you accomplished most/all of your goals and had a great week. God bless.

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