Thursday, February 7, 2013

YUCK! Poison! or How to Make Kale Chips

For the last several weeks I have been enjoying snacking on Kale chips and planning to write a blog post about how to make them.  Tonight I made myself some.  Some of the kids were trying them and my son, Connor who is 11 and has Down syndrome decided to give them a try.  He put one in his mouth and promptly spit it out and said, "Yuck! Poison!"  I have been laughing myself silly about this.  I didn't even know he knew the word poison and it is just so funny to think of him doing this.  (I was in the other room and missed it...Erin, my 18 year old relayed the story.)

Let me just say that I don't think they are yucky, nor do they taste like poison.  So for those of you who are brave, this is what you do.

Buy some Kale (either whole or chopped in a bag).  If it's whole you'll want to tear it up and remove the big stems.  Place them on a baking sheet (they'll shrink a lot so feel free to pile them up a bit).  I use a Silpat.

I usually spray them with some cooking spray but you can pour a little EVOO over them and use your hands to coat all the leaves.

Next you'll want to season your kale.  I like to use salt, garam masala and smoked paprika. (use what YOU like)

 photo 023-2_zpsa0304bcc.jpg

I bake them in a preheated 275 oven for 25-35 minutes stirring occasionally (they are done when they are crunchy)

 photo 025-2_zps79bcc68f.jpg
See how much they shrink
 photo 026-1_zps6f3d3a62.jpg
so crunchy
Let me know if you give them a try.


Diane Allen said...

My daughter loves to make kale chips. We serve it with poached eggs, which we learned how to make after watching Julie and Julia and doing an exhaustive internet search.


Sam Kelley said...

We LOVE kale! We use evoo when we bake them, and I love Bobby Flay's wilted recipe for them. I need to go get some more.

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