Thursday, February 28, 2013

3-in-30 Update

Well, it is the end of my first 3-in-30 challenge.  (Technically 3 in 28 I

 photo 3in30_zps3311eb34.png

Here's how I did:

Spiritual Goals

Finish my Journible (Proverbs) by writing in it daily (Yes, I finished this book earlier this week!)

Physical Goals

Exercise 4-5 times a week. (Yes! Most weeks this month I exercised more than this.)

Homemaking Goals

Clean out my "junk drawer" (Yes! and I've kept it nice all month)
Clean my closet (huge job....may not finish but want to at least make some headway...this "closet" is actually a small room and long overdue for some decluttering/organizing.) (Unfortunately, I did not get to this.  I worked on it a bit early in the month but totally dropped the ball on this one.)

Overall, I am pretty happy though I wish I had done the closet. I guess it will go on my new 3-in-30 list for March.

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