Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stick With It Saturday

If you haven't already seen some of my other posts then you might not know that I have decided to leave Weight Watchers and eat the Trim Healthy Mama way.  This week I got back down to my lowest weight. (95 lbs lost)  I was just glad to see that number again.  I'm enjoying learning this new way of eating.  I carry my book with me everywhere...or almost everywhere. If you're interested in what I'm eating you can read this post.

Workouts for the week:

Sunday: Rest.  First day of no exercise in a couple of weeks.  I even took a nap!

Monday:  Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred moved up to level 2 today. I was dripping sweat but it was easier than I expected.  Love this workout. (Day 11 of the 30 days)

Tuesday30 Day Shred MUCH more difficult on Day 2 of level

Wednesday: No workout.  Busy day.

Thursday30 Day Shred This was rough but not as bad as Day 2.

Friday: 30 Day Shred This workout is brutal.  :)  (4 days down 6 to go)

I visited a chiropractor for the first time ever.  I have had muscle pain in my back for months.  She was absolutely wonderful.   I have tightness in my sacroiliac joints (I had no idea that it wasn't normal for that part of my body to hurt when pressed) quads need strengthening (30 Day Shred has to be helping with that!) and my hamstrings are REALLY tight.  She gave me an amazing massage and a TENS treatment.  I go back on Tuesday for my first adjustment.  I was so apprehensive about going to my first visit and now I can't wait to go back.  I am convinced she is going to help me.  I should have gone sooner!

Today: Obstacles XRT (I haven't done this in a while.  I like it.)

Goals for the upcoming week: Eat the Trim Healthy Mama Way and exercise 5-6 times this week.

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Sam Kelley said...

We do waterbed therapy at my chiro, and the same electronic pulses. Feels so good! I hope you get to feeling better!

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