Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 6

This is my 6th week of Trim Healthy Mama.  Still not really seeing any results on the scale, but I have a few new ideas for upcoming weeks.  Well, I can't say that I'm not seeing results for sure since I am trying to stay off the scale.  Not weighing scares will be OK, it will be OK. :)  I am trying to focus on the changes I am making that are for my health and not panicking over not losing anything right now.  I really want to be losing though...

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Workout: Sprint Intervals

Breakfast- (FP) Cinnamon Muffin in a Bowl, 3/4 cup Greek O% yogurt
Snack- (FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch- (S) Tossed Salad with Poached Salmon, Romano Cheese, 1 T. nuts, 1 1/2 T. EVOO and balsamic vinegar (my new favorite lunch) and some pudding (PB Gluccomannan)
Snack- (FP) Muffin in a Bowl- Dollop of 0% Greek Yogurt and Gwen's Berry Syrup
Supper- (FP maybe to S)  I made a stir fry of shiritake noodles, broccoli, a 3 oz piece of steak, egg whites, a little butter and oil and seasonings.  Quite Yummy!  Next time I will add some peanut flour.
Snack- Muffin in a Bowl (yes another one...I have to stop that, but it's really good.)  Also ate some pudding.

No workout

Breakfast- (S) Coconut Porridge, Dollop of Greek 0% yogurt and Gwen's berry syrup
Lunch- (S) Salad with 2 Steamed Eggs (in a bit of grass fed butter), Romano, 1.5 tsp. EVOO, balsamic (Look Pearl NO NUTS!)
Snack-Greek 0% yogurt with 1 tsp. each of cocoa and pb flour, sweetener and Reddi Whip
Supper-I went to a bridal shower...didn't eat before I left and the only thing there on plan was peppers and tomatoes...I also had a few blueberries and strawberries.

I came home STARVING.

I made (S) zucchini noodles which I cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil then put some lowfat cottage cheese (not too much), some fresh Romano and a little sugar free sauce on it.  YUM!  Then I had a (S) Volcano Mudslide Muffin in a Mug with a large spoonful of Greek yogurt and some berry syrup.
Snack- (FP) Gluccie Pudding

I really don't feel that I ate enough today....or not enough healthy food...needed more protein I think.  I don't feel very satisfied.  The evening thing was my fault for not planning ahead well enough.  It was very disappointing that EVERY single dish that was at the potluck bridal shower I went to was a crossover. Most had pasta in them!  I "could" have brought something I could eat (either to share or just to eat) but due to lack of planning I just didn't.  I ate my lunch really late so I wasn't hungry when I left and the shower lasted 2 and 1/2 hours.

Really needed something to much so finished the day with Kale chips with light oil.  I then made myself a small amount a skinny chocolate.  I definitely have PMS...ugh

And I've totally changed my mind...ate way too much tonight for sure.  Note to self: plan better!

No workout.  It's really hard for me to find time to workout on Sundays.

Breakfast- (FP) Greek 0% Yogurt, protein powder and Stevia sweetened maple syrup
Snack- (S) a handful of nuts and string cheese
Lunch- (S) Pot Roast, Green Beans, Roasted Radishes
Supper-(S) Tossed Salad with 2 Eggs, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, Romano cheese
Snack- Square of dark chocolate (85%), Nighty Night Custard with a bit of Gwen's Berry syrup
I had a muffin in a bowl later before bed because I was hungry...oh and few meringues after they came out of the oven.

I did some push-ups (girl style...some on my knees and some on my stability ball)
A friend let me borrow her rebounder and I did over 10 minutes (not all at once on that)

Breakfast- (E) Trim Healthy Pancakes, Greek 0% Yogurt and Gwen's Berry Syrup
Snack- (FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch- (S but very light...almost FP) Tossed Salad with 1 tsp. EVOO, balsamic vinegar, 1 T. parm cheese, greens, cucumber, tomato and Salmon then I had a (FP) Muffin in a Bowl with a spoonful of yogurt and Gwen's Berry syrup
Supper-(S) Chicken, Broccoli with Butter, (FP) Muffin in a Bowl for dessert and a (S) Square of Dark Chocolate
Snack-(FP) Nighty Night Custard with Raspberry Compote

Feeling dissatisfied today with what I'm eating.  I want to munch.


Rebounding- 15 minutes

Breakfast- (FP) Muffin in a Bowl made in waffle iron, Greek 0% yogurt, Gwen's Berry Syrup
Lunch-(S) Salmon Salad with lots of S goodies and Skinny Chocolate
Supper- (FP) Creamy Vegetable Soup with some poached chicken and (S)Skinny Chocolate
Snack- (FP) Muffin in a Bowl and (FP)Joseph's Crackers with a Light Laughing Cow Cheese

I can't have a full batch of Skinny Chocolate on hand, especially when it's the first day of my cycle....I eat it.

Wednesday- Making this an FP day

Breakfast- (FP) French Toast Wonder Wraps with Greek 0% yogurt and Gwen's berry syrup
Snack-(FP) Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch-(FP) Creamy Vegetable Soup with 3 oz chicken
Snack-(FP) Gluccie Pudding
Supper- (FP)Konjac Noodles with egg whites and cabbage
Dessert-(FP) Muffin in a Bowl with Greek yogurt and Gwen's berry syrup
Snack- (FP) Joseph's Crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese and cucumber...some pudding too

No workout...didn't mean to not do one.  Oops

Breakfast- (S) Serene's Steamed Eggs, 1 Brazil Nut and 1 tiny piece of skinny chocolate that I didn't scarf down the other day
Lunch- (E) 1/2 Sweet Potato with 1 tsp. coconut oil, broiled salmon, Reese's whip for dessert because I was still hungry
Supper-(S) Large Tossed Salad with a sprinkle of nuts,EVOO, and Parmesan and a Joseph's Pita Pizza
Dessert-(FP) Muffin in a Bowl with Greek 0% yogurt and Gwen's berry syrup
Snack- (S) Strawberries with Skinny Chocolate

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