Friday, March 15, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 4

This is my 4th week of Trim Healthy Mama. I am happy eating the THM way....scale isn't moving but I have lost some inches so I think a combination of working out and eating a new way has the scale stuck but changes are happening so I will try to be content with that. I read an interesting article, Your BMI- is it fat or muscle? this week (with pictures) about this very thing.

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Sprint intervals as described in the book (in the snow!)

Breakfast-(E) Trim Healthy Pancakes with (FP) Gwen's berry syrup
Lunch- (E) Sweet Potato and Poached Salmon and (FP) Choco Pudding for dessert
Snack- (FP)1/2 of a Fat Stripping Frappa made with 1/2 scoop of whey (strawberry-I definitely prefer chocolate)
Supper-(S) Fooled Ya Pizza
Snack- a few meringues, skinny chocolate


No workout (not feeling very good today)

Breakfast- (FP) Sweetened Egg Wraps-stuffed with Greek yogurt and berries (heavenly)
Lunch- (S) Iceberg wedge salad with bacon and bleu cheese dressing (out to eat)
Snack-(S) Skinny Chocolate and some Mouth Watering Meringues
Supper-(FP) Loaded Fotato Soup, Mint Choco-Pudding (delicious!!)
Snack-(S) Almonds (FP) leftover breakfast...just before bed I was hungry so I had some 0% Greek yogurt, blueberries and Gwen's berry syrup

Sunday- (all FP)

No workout (very busy day at church)

Breakfast- Wonder Wraps (see yesterday's breakfast)
Snack- Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch- Konjac noodles with cabbage, chicken, Laughing Cow cheese and a bit of egg white
Snack- Mint Choco pudding
Supper-2 Wonder Wraps with turkey, lettuce and tomato
Snack- meringues, Lemon mousse with blueberries, Joseph's crackers with a Laughing Cow Cheese and some mint choco-pudding (sounds like a lot but I was hungry....)

 Even after all of this I felt hungry in when I went to bed.


30 Day Shred (Day 1 of Level 3)

Breakfast- (S) Serene's Steamed Omega 3s (3 eggs in coconut oil) and about 5 Almonds
Lunch- (S) Exotic Green Curry and Mint Skinny Chocolate (the best batch yet)
Snack- (FP) Earth Milk with Whey Protein and 1 T Chia seeds
Supper- (S) Creamy Crockpot Chicken, Zucchini "Noodles" and Broccoli, Skinny Chocolate, Choco-pudding
Snack-Joseph's Crackers, Laughing Cow Cheese and a tiny bit of Skinny Chocolate
Handful of nuts


Sprint Intervals

Breakfast- Serene's Omega 3's and a slice of turkey bacon
Lunch- Pepper Crusted Salmon, Cauli-Rice
Supper-Cheeseburger Pie and cauli-rice
Snack- Cake in a Mug, Skinny Chocolate


Sprint Intervals

Breakfast- Chocolate Decadence Kefir Whey Smoothie (accidental crossover)
Lunch-Wonder Wraps with turkey, lettuce and tomato and 1/2 cucumber
Snack- Mint-Choco pudding
Supper-Cheeseburger Pie and cauli-rice
Snack- 3 Brazil nuts, a few almonds, a handful of kale chips (no oil), 0% yogurt and berries

I've had some skinny chocolate throughout the day as well.


The Spew...a workout in the book...I am SORE!

Breakfast- TH pancakes with yogurt, berry syrup and blueberries
Lunch- Poached Salmon, Joseph's Pita with LCC, cucumber...then Greek 0% yogurt with cocoa and peanut flour...sweetened
Snack- a handful of nuts
Supper- Turkey burger in lettuce wrap, mashed cauliflower, roasted spaghetti squash (at Ruby Tuesday)
Snack-Another Reese's Whip...this time I added chopped skinny chocolate and a few peanuts

I needed more E this week.  Not sure why that didn't happen.


DESTINY said...

What is your recipe or Reece Whip?

DESTINY said...

*for... Reece Whip. (sorry)

Karen said...

I wrote about it here

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