Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 24

This is my 23rd week of Trim Healthy Mama. We started this week finishing a week of vacation.  We got back on Tuesday.  Starting Wednesday I am going to try doing 3 FP days a week.  Since I couldn't start on Monday I'll do 2 days this week (Wed. and Friday).

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I spent the entire day walking around at a theme park.

Breakfast- (S) 2 Fried Eggs, cucumber slices
Lunch- (E) Chicken on Sprouted Bread, Light Laughing Cow Cheese, 1/2 cucumber, FP brownies
Snack- (FP) Chocolate Cake
Supper-(S), Chicken Salad in Joseph's Tortilla, Skinny Chocolate
Snack- (FP) 37 cal. brownie


Breakfast-(F) Greek Pudding with Blueberries
Lunch-(E) Nicey Ricey Salad with Quinoa and Tuna
Supper-(S) (dinner out) Salad Bar, Burger (no bun) and veggies (I did have some off plan croutons), Skinny Chocolate
Snack-(E) 100 calorie popcorn


Breakfast-(E) Lemon Baked Oatmeal
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon packet cooked in VCO, EVOO and balsamic, Berry Cobbler
Supper-(S) Joseph's Pita with 1 slice deli ham, chicken and a slice of provolone, FP chocolate cake
Snack-(E) Popcorn and about 3/4 of FSF


Breakfast-(S)2 Fried Eggs and sauteed summer squash/zucchini
Lunch- (S) (out to eat) hamburger (no bun) with lettuce, tomato, pickle and a side of broccoli
Snack- (FP) Chocolate cake and celery with a Light Laughing Cow Cheese
Supper- (S) Quesadilla with Chicken, ham and cheese, 1/2 cup Greek 0% yogurt and blueberries
Snack- (S) Cake in a Mug (I honestly think I like the FP choc cake more)


Breakfast- (S) 2 Fried Eggs with some egg whites (using up the end of a carton) in a Joseph's pita and a cucumber
Lunch- (E) Chicken on Sprouted bread, celery stuffed with a light laughing cow cheese, 1/2 cucumber,
Snack-(FP) Chocolate cake
Supper- (S) Summer Squash, Zucchini and Green Beans with some chicken
Snack-(S) Reese's Whip with 2 Brazil Nuts, a little chopped Lily's chocolate, 3 strawberries and a squirt of FF Reddi-Whip

Wednesday- (weighed in for the first time since vacation at 1.8 above my lowest)

Breakfast- FP pancakes with 1/3 cup Greek 0% yogurt and fresh strawberries
Lunch- Egg White Wraps with Tuna
Snack-FP Chocolate Cake with Swiss Laughing Cow light cheese sweetened with xylitol and a tiny bit             of Polaner All Fruit...topped with a squirt of Fat Free Reddi-Whip (amazing!)
Supper-Cabbage and Chicken in Creamless Creamy Sauce, Choco-Mint Pudding
Snack-Greek 0% yogurt and strawberries


Breakfast- (E) Crunchy Coconut Granola with Greek Yogurt and Strawberries
Lunch-(S) Summer Squash/Zucchini sauteed in grassfed butter and chicken.
Snack-(FP) Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding
Supper-(S) Crabby Patties and Cucumber Slices
Snack-(FP) Chocolate Cake

Linking up with Trim Healthy Tuesdays at Stacy Makes Cents where this week she shares a cottage cheese omelet recipe and at Gwen's Nest where she shares a recipe for Portobello Pizzas.

* My weight loss has been a process.  I've been on my weight loss journey since October 2010.  I have not lost this much weight since starting THM.  You can read this post to read more about how I lost the first 100 lbs.

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Stacy said...

The FP days are really going to help. I'm sure of it.

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