Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 27

This is my 27th week of Trim Healthy Mama** and this is the week that I finally slipped into a healthy BMI...for the FIRST time in probably close to 25 years. I still have a ways to go to where I'll feel like I am at a good weight for my frame....but medically's a big hip, hip hooray!!!

I've linked a few of these recipes but most can be found on my meal plan posts if you are wondering where the recipes are.

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Friday- FP day

Breakfast-Roasted Pattypan Squash and Southwestern Egg Beaters
Lunch-Oat Fiber Bread with Tuna, FP brownie
Supper-Joseph's Pita with Chicken and Light Laughing Cow, FP brownie
Snack- Reese's whip with fresh strawberries, 2 Wasa Crackers with Light Laughing Cow cheese


Breakfast-(S) Cheesy Gluten Free Biscuit ,Fried Egg and Slice of Bacon, Roasted Pattypan Squash.
Lunch-(E) Nicey Ricey Salad (p.304)
Supper-(S) Maria's Amazing Pizza
Snack-(S)Julieanne's Mocha Ice Cream


Breakfast-(E) Overnight Oats
Snack-(FP) Pumpkin Spice Frappa
Lunch-(S) Iceberg Wedge Salad with bacon and Bleu cheese (out to eat)
Supper-(S) Stacy's Cracker Salad and a small piece of Lily's chocolate
Snack-(S) Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream


Breakfast-Muffin in a Bowl with Greek 0% yogurt and mixed berries
Lunch-2 Chicken Hot Dogs, cucumber slices and leftover pattypan squash
Snack-Greek 0% yogurt
Supper-Mini Meat Loaves, creamless creamy sauce on steamed summer squash, Greek 0% yogurt
Snack-Fat Free Ricotta Parfait


Breakfast-(E) Stacy's Crunchy Coconut Granola and Greek 0% yogurt
Lunch-(S) Leftover meatloaf with a little cheese and green salsa in a Joseph's pita, cucumber slices and FP chocolate cake
Supper-(S) Cauliflower Risotto with Shrimp
Snack-(S) Dark Chocolate with almonds and a little leftover ice cream


Breakfast-Lemon Blueberry Muffin and Fat Stripping Frappa
Lunch-Egg White Wraps with Tuna
Supper-Light Tomato Soup with spinach and bacon bits
Snack-Reese's Whip with strawberries


After an entire of summer of illnesses I finally felt well enough to exercise today and did sprint intervals.  I got so out of shape this summer. Looking forward to exercising again.

Breakfast-(E) Steel cut oats (in crockpot with double boiler method) and strawberries
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon, parmesan cheese with EVOO and balsamic
Snack-(S) Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(FP) Veggies and Chicken with Creamless Creamy Sauce
Snack-(S) Stacy's Almond Flour Brownie (You need to try this recipe!)

* My weight loss has been a process.  I've been on my weight loss journey since October 2010.  I have not lost this much weight since starting THM.  You can read this post to read more about how I lost the first 100 lbs.


Maria Therese said...

Congratulations! So happy for you! I am new at THM and still reading the book. It is so encouraging to hear other ladies success with this amazing lifestyle. Thanks for sharing! You will be in my prayers!

Maria In Mass :)

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