Sunday, August 4, 2013

Menu Plan

Here's my Trim Healthy Mama menu plan for this week. I am on my second week of doing 3 FP days a week in an attempt to move some more weight off.  (For your convenience I have added page numbers which refer to the Trim Healthy Mama book.) Though I am linking this up on Menu Plan Monday and Trim Healthy Tuesdays I am posting this on Sunday because I really prefer a Sun-Sat meal plan.


B: (E) Overnight Refrigerator Oats and a Plum
L: (S) Salad with Salmon, Skinny Chocolate (p. 371)
D: (S) Meatballs in a Joseph's Pita, Green Bean Fries
S: (S) Satisfying Sundae

Monday: FP day

B: FP style Pancakes with PB chocolate yogurt and raw strawberry chia seed jam
L: Egg White Wraps with FP tuna, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Seed pudding
S: Cabbage and Chicken with Creamless Creamy sauce (p. 102)
Sn: Chocolate Cake


B: S style Muffin in Mug, FSF
L: (E) Chicken on Sprouted Bread (p.298) and celery sticks with Light Laughing Cow Cheese, FP Brownie
S: (S) Salad and Chocolate Cake
Sn: (E) Popcorn and Fat Stripping Frappa


B: Lemon Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl, Greek 0% yogurt
L: Light Tomato Soup (p.293) and Chicken sandwich on oat fiber bread, Choco-Mint Pudding (p. 366)
D: Mini-Meatloaves and Vegetables
S: FP Chocolate Cake


B: (E)Baked Oatmeal with blueberries
L:  (S)Salad with salmon, FP brownie
D: (S) Grilled Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower, steamed summer squashes
S: (S) Satisfying Sundae


B: FP pancakes with Greek 0% and yogurt and berries
L: Zucchini Noodles and Chicken with Creamless Creamy Sauce
D: Joseph's FP pizza, Salad
S: Chocolate cake, Fat Stripping Frappa


B: FP style Pancakes with PB chocolate yogurt and raw strawberry chia seed jam
L: Family BBQ
D: Church Potluck
S: FP Chocolate Cake

** Will update these on Monday and Tuesday when new links go live.

Link up your own menu plan at (Or just find great ideas from other bloggers that share their menus.) This week is found here.

Linking up with Trim Healthy Tuesdays at Stacy Makes Cents  and at Gwen's Nest.


Julieanne said...

I'm wondering if you might be able to leave the directions for the Fuel Pull Pancakes here for us! I can't find them on the THM Facebook page, nor online. Thanks!

Julieanne said...

Hi, Karen,

On Wednesday's menu, you mention having a chicken sandwich on oat fiber bread. Did you buy that oat fiber bread somewhere, or do you have a recipe for it? Thanks.

1stepatatime said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It really helps me to plan out my meals.

Unknown said...

Wondering if the 3 fp days brings you too low in calories? I know we don't really need to count but I know I have found if I eat too little I don't lose. I've been doing THM for 5 months. I'll be interested in seeing how it works for you. I have yet to figure out my body. :)

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