Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

My weekly plan for Trim Healthy Mama.  My breakfast and lunch plans are found at the bottom.  I aim to eat one E meal each day.  Since I've been doing this (along with counting Weight Watchers points) and making sure to eat about 4 times a day (occasionally 5) the weight has really been coming off.  

Monday: (FP) Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry with Rice (for the family) and Konjac noodles (for me)

Tuesday: (S) Tilapia with vegetables (and potatoes for the kids)

Wednesday: (S) Alfredo Chicken with Pasta and Broccoli (I'll have zucchini noodles)

Thursday: Homemade Pizza for the kids (date night)

Friday: (S) Sponge Bob's Crabby Patties and Salad (made these last week for the first time...everyone loved them)

Saturday: Going to a graduation party/BBQ (not sure what I'll eat...might eat before I go)

Sunday: Leftovers/Sandwiches (I'll probably have soup.)

Breakfast: (E)Trim Healthy Pancakes, (E) Savory Skillet Quinoa, (FP) Greek 0% Yogurt with Protein Powder and Berries, (S) Omega-3 Egg with 2 or 3 Whites and Vegetables, (FP) Cookie Bowl Oatmeal

Lunch: (S)BLT Salad with Salmon, Eggs or Chicken, (FP) WW Vegetable Soup with a lean protein source, (E) All Day Lentil Soup, (E) Tuscany in a Bowl, (E) Sweet Potato and Salmon, (S) Exotic Green Curry

Snack Ideas: (FP) Fat Stripping Frappa, (S) Kale Chips, (S)Tummy Tucking Ice Cream, (FP) Glucomannan Pudding, (S) Skinny Chocolate, (FP) Cottage Berry Whip, (S) Cake in a Mug, (FP)Yogurt with Berries

Link up your own menu plan at (Or just find great ideas from other bloggers that share their menus.) This week is found here.


North Laurel said...

I'm going to follow your menu Monday posts :) Trying to figure out meals for myself (using THM also) is somewhat tricky sometimes. I have the book, yes, but often forget or don't know where to look. I make the same ol, same ol, way too often! :)

Karen said...

You could also check out my THM weekly posts where I detail exactly what I actually did eat all week.

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