Monday, May 20, 2013

Goal Planning Monday

It's time for Goal Planning Monday.  I was sick most of last week.  It was a full week besides...not much accomplished. I'm OK with it though.

Last week:

1. Keep up to date with my scripture memory group.(I have been keeping current with memorized verses. I memorized  1 of the 2 new ones for last week.  Still working on one of them.)

2. Write in my Journible.(Not every day but I did write in it.)

3. Write and finish Scaredy Cat reading review. (YES!)

4. Start IEW review. (Not yet.)

5. Other blogging (Yes!)

6. Run if I feel better (I didn't run at all because I was sick.)

7. Start summer bucket list (Not yet.)

8. Sew sink skirt....seriously...this needs to get done!! (UGH...don't ask!)

This week:

1. Keep up to date with my scripture memory group.

2. Write in my Journible.

3. Start IEW review.

4. Other blogging

5. Secret project I don't want to reveal in case the person it is for is reading. :)

6. Run if I feel better.

7. Start summer bucket list

8. Sew sink skirt (should I even bother putting this on the list?)

9. Have Emma and Ryan finish their HP tests and mail them in.


Debbie Phillips said...

I am sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you are feeling better now. We all have weeks like that. You did pretty good considering you were sick all week.

I also wanted you to know that I am now hosting Goal Planning Monday with the Link-up on my blog. Her is this week's link...

Karen said...

Great Debbie! I'll plan to link up!

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