Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 9

This is my 9th week of Trim Healthy Mama.  I am really excited about the possibilities for this week.  If you read my post last week you know that I have started combining THM with what I learned in Weight Watchers.  Can't wait to see how it goes!

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Breakfast- (FP) French Toast Wonder Wraps, 1/2 cup 0% Greek Yogurt and fresh strawberries (1 Point Plus) and a Rootbeer Frappa (3 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) 1 cup Vegetable soup, FP Muffin in a Bowl Bread grilled with 1 T. grass fed butter and Kale chips made with 1 T. EVCO (7 Points Plus)
Snack- 1/2 cup Greek 0% Yogurt and 1 T. PB2 (3 Points Plus)
Supper-(S) Tossed Salad, 1 T EVOO, balsamic and salmon (5 Points Plus)
Snack- (FP)Strawberry Shortcake, Leftover Chicken (5 Points Plus)


Breakfast- (S) Egg, 3 Egg Whites, 1 tsp. EVCO, mushrooms and zucchini (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Tuna, 1 T. lite mayo, lettuce, tomato on Joseph's lavash (5 Points Plus)
Supper-(S)Muffin in a Bowl Bread with 1 T. grass fed butter and Veggie Soup (4 Points Plus)
Yogurt with Protein Powder and berries (4 Points Plus)
Snack-(S)Skinny Chocolate (8 yes 8 Points Plus)
Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus)

I went to a wedding today and basically ate a few berries and tomatoes to hold me over until I got home.  They served appetizers/sandwiches and there really wasn't anything that  I wanted that I felt like I could stay on plan with.  I probably should have packed a snack.  I didn't think we'd be there that long so I didn't.

I am definitely trying to make sure that I eat lots of healthy fat and protein.  I did use a couple of my 49 weekly points today and that is what they are there for.  My week ends tomorrow so I probably didn't use enough of them and should plan to use more for good oils this coming week. I am finding that it is fairly easy to use points for EV coconut oil (EVCO) and EVOO.  When I was previously on WW I saved a lot of my points for microwave popcorn, fiber bars and even ice cream.  Now, I am trying to make much healthier choices and feel much more satisfied.


Breakfast-(FP) 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder and berries (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Tossed Salad, salmon, 1 T. EVOO, 1 T. balsamic vinegar (5 Points Plus) and Skinny Chocolate (8 Points Plus)
Supper-(E) Vegetable Soup, 2 oz homemade sourdough bread, string cheese (5 Points Plus)
Snack-(FP) Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus)
Joseph's Crackers with Light Laughing Cow Cheese (4 Points Plus)


So, so excited today!  The scale moved for my first new weight loss of 2013.  When I started THM I gained a couple of pounds and just stayed there.  At my weigh in this morning I was down 3.8 lbs from where I was last Monday!

Breakfast-(FP) 1 Cup 0% Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup strawberries (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Tossed Salad, salmon, 1 T. EVOO, 1 T. balsamic vinegar (5 Points Plus)
Snack- Rootbeer Ice (0 Points plus)
Supper-(S) 6 oz BBQ Chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, Green Beans, 1 tsp. butter (7 Points Plus) and Skinny Chocolate (8 Points)
Snack-(FP)Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point)

 The scale was down yet again today.  I know this can't continue but I am enjoying it while it lasts!  I am getting so close to the 100 lbs lost mark!  I can't wait.

Breakfast-(FP) 1 Cup 0% Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup strawberries (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(E) Broiled Salmon, Sweet Potato, 1 tsp EVCO, cucumber and tomato (6 Points Plus) Cottage Berry Whip (2 Point Plus)
Supper-(Crossover) Slice of Pizza and Caesar Salad (dressing on side, fork dipped) (12 Points Plus)
Snack- (FP) Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus)

Today we took our kids to a living historical museum.  It is an 1800s seaport.  Anyway, I was so exhausted I just knew I needed an E meal (Ha I typed e-mail the first time.)  So, I decided on a sweet, so yummy. I definitely felt better after that.


I was up a little today on the scale but wasn't surprised or upset by it.  I feel confident that it will go down again.  Today I went out for a run/walk with my Jeff Galloway 5K app.  It was a perfect day for it and felt SOOOO good to get out and run again.

Breakfast-(S) Egg, 3 Egg Whites, 1 tsp. EVCO, zucchini (5 Points Plus)
Snack-(FP) Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, String Cheese (1 Points Plus)
Lunch- (S) Tuna, peppers and 1 T. light mayo with a Joseph's Lavash (5 Points Plus)
Snack-(S) Skinny Chocolate (8 Points Plus)
Supper-(FP) Zucchini Noodles with 2 T. parmesan cheese and 1 T. grass fed butter (4 Point Plus), (FP) 1 Cup 0% Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup strawberries (5 Points Plus)
Snack-(FP) Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus)

Today I went to a funeral.  I packed some cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, and a string cheese.  So glad I did.  I ate it in the car in between the graveside service and the reception...there wasn't ONE thing there that I could have eaten.  Sausage and potatoes, pizza, meatballs, potato salad, macaroni salad and ...nary a vegetable to be found!  I ate when I got home.

I also decided to  use a few of my weekly points to get some nice EVCO and butter in my diet.  Hopefully it will pay off.  

I am noticing that I really don't crave junk food lately.  I was always a cookie/candy girl.  I do like my skinny chocolate but really that is health food.  I am much more satisfied eating this way.  I'm also not afraid to use more of my points earlier in the day.  Prior to THM, I always saved a lot of points for my evening snack.  


Breakfast-(S) Oat Fiber Bread French Toast made with 1 egg and 2 whites, 1 tsp butter, a ladle of Gwen's berry syrup and some stevia sweetened maple syrup  (4 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Tossed Salad, salmon, 1 T. EVOO, 1 T. balsamic vinegar (5 Points Plus), 1 cup yogurt with berries (3 Points Plus)
Supper-(S) 4 oz grilled chicken, cauli rice with 1 tsp. grass fed butter (5 Points Plus), Skinny Chocolate (8 Points Plus)
Snack-Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus), Kale Chips with EVCO (3 Points Plus)

What a great week!  Couldn't be happier....OK I would be happier if I reached that 100 lb milestone but it will come.  It was also great to start running this week again too.  I lost somewhere around 5 lbs in the last week and a half....after almost 4 months of no loss at all.  


Ronda said...

I am so happy to find this. I recognized your previous "diet" as the one i had been on. I lost 45 pounds but when i started eating carbs again and didn't follow the protocol i started putting the weight back on. I was excited about finding THM because my friends have had such good results but I am not seeing the results, I was sure it had to be related to the high protein diet i had been on. I will be following this to help guide me as I am not familiar with the WW points. Congrats!!

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