Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Read Aloud Challenge

Last week I mentioned that we started a study of the 20th century in America.  I've really been enjoying it and we've been doing lots of reading.  Since we are studying the early 1900s right now I thought it would be fun to do a Five in a Row story set in the same time frame.

So we are reading The Glorious Flight for Five in a Row.

 photo zgloriousflight_zps921ce93c.jpg

Tonight I finished reading Wilbur and Orville Wright: Young Fliers from the Childhood of Famous Americans series.  (very enjoyable book)

 photo zwrights_zps5139410d.jpg

We also read  Earthquake! (X-Treme Disasters That Changed America) by Lynn Brunelle  and  San Francisco earthquake : April 18, 1906  by Sue Hamilton

I started reading the The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum this week as well.

 photo zoz_zps33c70c5e.jpg

We also continue to read Grammarland. I was originally reading a free version on my laptop but we were enjoying it and it was only $1.99 for my Kindle and a lot more convenient so I purchased it.

Lots more reading planned for this coming week!  Loving it!

Want some reading inspiration? Visit Footprints in the Butter for this week's challenge to see what others are reading.

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