Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 23

This is my 23rd week of Trim Healthy Mama.  I am not weighing this week so I can't update on that.

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Friday-Last Day of 2 week Fuel Cycle-E

Breakfast- Baked Oatmeal
Lunch- Nicey Ricey Salad with Quinoa and Tuna
Snack-2 Wasa Crackers with a Light Laughing Cow Cheese
Supper- Francine's Chana Dahl Stew
Snack- Popcorn and a Fat Stripping Frappa



Breakfast- (FP) Lemon version of Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (not very good)
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon, EVOO and balsamic, 1/2 serving Lily's chocolate
Supper-(S) Caesar Salad with grilled chicken (off plan taste of pizza and croutons)
Snack-(FP) Chocolate Cake and 2 pieces Pearl's PB Skinny Chocolate


Breakfast-(S) 2 Fried Eggs with Zucchini Noodles (grassfed butter and a little coconut oil)
Lunch-(S) Salad with chicken, EVOO, balsamic, 37 calorie brownie** and 2 pieces Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(S) Get Together Salmon, fresh green beans, mashed cauliflower
Snack-(FP) Chocolate Cake


Breakfast-(FP) Pancakes with Greek Yogurt and Gwen's Berry Syrup
Lunch-(S) Salad with chicken, EVOO, balsamic, 37 calorie brownie and 2 pieces Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(E) Summer Stir Fry with Quinoa (Try this!)
Snack-(S) A few bites of FP brownie, 1/2 serving Lily's dark chocolate and a small piece of skinny chocolate  (It was chocolate night I guess.)


Breakfast-(FP) Protein Spiced Muffins with Greek Yogurt and Gwen's Berry Syrup.
Snack-(FP) Oat Fiber Muffin
Lunch-(FP) Chicken and Light Laughing Cow Cheese in a Joseph's Pita and a FP Chocolate Cake
Snack-(S) Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(S) Salad with some bacon bits, light string cheese, chicken, EVOO and balsamic, FP (37 cal) brownie
Snack-(E) Popcorn and a 37 Calorie Brownie

First day of vacation....on the road for several hours....


Breakfast- (E) Lemon Baked Oatmeal
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon packet cooked in  coconut oil with EVOO and balsamic, skinny chocolate
Snack- (FP) 37 calorie brownie
Supper-(S) Tuna in a Joseph's pocket with lettuce and cucumber and another brownie
Snack-(E) 100 calorie popcorn and and FP lemon blueberry muffin


Breakfast- (S) Sauteed Zucchini and 2 Fried Eggs with grassfed butter and VCO
Lunch-(S) Salad, Skinny Chocolate and Berry Cobbler (didn't plan to eat the cobbler until later but ended up eating the whole thing)
Supper-(FP) Joseph's Tortilla with a slice of turkey and a slice of ham and a smear of mayo,  FP chocolate cake
Snack-(E) 100 calorie popcorn

* My weight loss has been a process.  I've been on my weight loss journey since October 2010.  I have not lost this much weight since starting THM.  You can read this post to read more about how I lost the first 100 lbs.

** I make a tweaked version of this recipe, but it's not mine so I can't share it. 

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