Monday, July 15, 2013

Deep S Day On the Go

Today my husband and I took a train into Boston. I am in the middle of a fuel cycle and I really wanted to stay on plan. Originally we had planned to go tomorrow and with the help of my friend Stacy I had my FP day all planned out. (When you are done reading this go read her blog.  It's awesome.) Once I got my FP day all planned out at the last minute we decided we should go a day early. Ack!  A whole new "S" plan had to be formulated.

My challenges were to bring food without a cooler, to eat only foods compatible with Deep S and to eat on a completely different schedule than I am used to. I don't usually even eat breakfast until around 9:00, but we were leaving the house at 5:45 in the morning.   I knew that I couldn't eat at 5:30 and have that hold me over and I couldn't be up for 4 hours before eating something. 

So I made a plan:

First Breakfast: Fat Stripping Frappa
Second Breakfast: 2 Boiled Eggs and a cut up cucumber (which I later decided might not be enough food since I am used to eating fried eggs and veggies which would be more caloric, so I took 4 eggs.  I never planned to eat all 4 but thought I could eat 3 or eat the whites of the two.)
Elevensies: Salad with leftover steak, EVOO/balsamic (ended up deciding chicken would travel better and be easier to eat.)
Luncheon: Choco-Pudding
Afternoon Tea: Kale Chips
Dinner: Protein Powder in a water bottle (I've never tried this and decided today wasn't going to be the day to do it.)
Supper: Chicken and Vegetables, Pudding

This is what I did last night to prepare:

  • Fixed my salad greens and cut up cucumber and put them in a large ziplock bag, I put a small bag of poached, shredded chicken inside that bag along with a Tupperware midget with EVOO and balsamic with a few drops of stevia in it.

  • I made choco-pudding and put it in a small take along container.

  • I made kale chips.These do not travel well.  In a container, they get soggy.  I've tried this twice. :( 

  • I boiled eggs.

  • I cut up some cucumber slices and celery sticks.

  • I froze two 20 oz water bottles and put 2 in the fridge. 

  • I also decided to bring along some skinny chocolate. I took a quart sized ziplock and filled it halfway with water.  I rolled the top of the bag down and clipped it shut with clothes pins to keep the water near the bottom of the bag and to make a thicker block of ice. I wasn't sure how this was going to work since it was supposed to be about 90 degrees today.  It worked out perfectly though.  I put a sandwich baggie of Skinny chocolate in this bag of ice this morning and it kept it solid all day!

  • Finally, I measured all of my dry frappa ingredients into a plastic baggie and put it near my blender along with a measuring cup and my vanilla.  

This morning,  I put the frozen water bottles in the bottom of a plastic shopping bag in a backpack. (In hindsight, I would have wrapped them in an absorbent towel. It was very hot today and the backpack got wet.) Then I packed my salad between the bottles, added my pudding container and my eggs/cucumber and bag of celery sticks. The kale chips went on top.

I made my Frappa right before we left and drank that on the way to the train station (about 30 minutes away).  Our train left around 6:45 and we were supposed to get to Boston at about 8:15. I was going to eat my eggs and cucumbers either on the train or when we arrived.  There was a generator problem with the train and we ended up having to change trains and arrived almost an hour late.  I was a little hungry on the train which was packed with standing room only and I didn't think anyone would appreciate the smell of my boiled eggs. ;)

It turns out I packed way more food than I needed.  I ate 2 eggs and didn't even finish my cucumber and this was plenty!  I could only eat half of my salad for lunch and a few bites of pudding.  I did enjoy a couple of pieces of skinny chocolate after my salad and again as we were leaving the museum.  I think I don't realize how much less I eat these days. 

What I ended up eating:

First Breakfast: Fat Stripping Frappa
Second Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and some cucumber spears 
Elevensies: Ha! We missed this. 
Luncheon: About 1/2 of my salad, a couple of bites of Choco-pudding and 2 pieces of skinny chocolate, a kale "chip"
Afternoon Tea: 2 pieces of skinny chocolate
Supper: More salad (still not all of it) and some Choco-pudding
** I was hungry before bed so I ate a little chicken too.

**For those who don't know, first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies etc. is from Lord Of the Rings and The Hobbit. I'd love to be a Hobbit.  7 meals a day??  But, I digress!!

I wrote this blog post to encourage others that in most circumstances you can find a way to stay on plan IF you want to. I think one of my weight loss successes has been that I rarely go off my plan. Whether I was calorie counting or going to Weight Watchers or THming, I have found a way to stick to it. I am not saying never go off, that is not realistic for most people. However, using every occasion TO go off plan isn't going to help you if you want to lose weight/be healthy. For me, this is my lifestyle.  I don't look for ways to go off plan. I look for ways to live life and still be on plan.

My salad in a bag.  Yes, I ate it right out of the bag!

At the end if the day, I am very thankful that I brought my own food and made this work. It was less expensive and honestly my lunch was 100 times better than the pizza Rob got at the museum. He didn't even like it!

Sorry for the "book" but this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I want you to succeed!

Linking up (tomorrow) with Trim Healthy Tuesdays at Gwen's Nest (Gwen shares a Q and A about THM) and Stacy Makes Cents (She is sharing a recipe for Chana Dahl Dip which I have tried and it is YUM!).


tascha said...

so encouraging!! good for you. and I too am finding out that 1-I REALLY am not always hungry... lol-usually thirsty... and 2- I don't really eat very much-when I consciously decide WHAT to eat and when, I can-and do-survive on very little food.

Sydney said...

What a wonderful plan. Thank you for sharing this, I make a plan every week and it really helps me too. I've lost 55 lbs. so far, 40 before THM over about a year and 1/2 and now I've been on THM for about a month and 1/2 and have lost 15 lbs. I really like THM. It lets us eat foods we thought were taboo before.

Stacy said...

Yes, yes, yes! You are so can make it work, but it takes effort. Just because you leave the house doesn't mean you throw everything to pot. :-)
Great post - and I think you're awesome too.
Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!

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