Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 21

This is my 21st week of Trim Healthy Mama. Starting the week 1 lb up from my lowest of 110** lost.  All but one day of this week is a fuel cycle. If you are a newbie you'll want to hold off on a fuel cycle, but you can still choose the same meals.  I am enjoying what I am learning on the fuel cycle but looking forward to free styling again starting a week from Saturday.

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Breakfast-(E) Brownie Bowl Baked Oatmeal
Lunch-(S) Grilled Chicken in Joseph's Lavash, Choco-Pudding, 2 pieces Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(S) Large Salad with EVOO, Chicken, String Cheese, a small amount of Almonds; Small piece of dark chocolate and Peppermint Skinny Chocolate
Snack-(S) Chocolate Cake and 1 piece of Skinny Chocolate

I am attempting my first Fuel Cycle.  The next 3 days will be Deep S so I will not be marking each individual meal.  


Breakfast-Sauteed Kale and 2 Fresh Eggs cooked in grassfed butter and virgin coconut oil
Lunch-Salad (lettuce/cucumbers) EVOO, balsamic, salmon cooked in coconut oil
Snack-Choco-Mint Pudding/Skinny Chocolate
Supper-Grilled Chicken and Buttered Broccoli
Snack-Muffin in a Bowl, 1 piece Skinny Chocolate

The first day of the fuel cycle went well.  I find that I miss the tomatoes and peppers that I normally eat in my salad...and my Chocolate Cake! I have also learned that I miss my fat-free Reddi Whip....a lot!


Breakfast-Buttered Broccoli and 2 Fresh Eggs cooked in grassfed butter and virgin coconut oil
Lunch-Salad (lettuce/cucumbers) EVOO, balsamic, packet salmon cooked in coconut oil, Choco-Mint Pudding/ Skinny Chocolate
Supper-Summer's Cup Soup with Salmon (seasoned curry style)  YUM! and Skinny Chocolate
Snack-Muffin in a Bowl with pudding on top

I really loved the meals I had today.  The salmon in the packet fried in oil with Rogan Josh, Smoked Paprika and Hot Shot was just so delicious.  If I haven't been doing the fuel cycle I never would have tried this.  Super yummy.  The hardest part of the fuel cycle right now is not being able to make some of my favorite desserts (see yesterday's comment).  These Deep S meals are simple, quick to make, nourishing and delicious.


Breakfast- 2 Fried Eggs/Broccoli (with butter and coconut oil)
Lunch-Romaine and Artisan lettuce with EVOO, balsamic and salmon filet cooked in coconut oil,
Snack-Kale Chips and a small dish of pudding
Supper- Salad (lettuce/cucumbers) EVOO and balsamic with shredded chicken
Snack- Butterscotch Gluccie Pudding

Well, it's goodbye skinny chocolate-- hello yogurt and berries!

Tuesday-FP (back to my lowest weight)

Breakfast- Cookie Bowl Oatmeal
Lunch- Egg White Wraps with 3 oz deli turkey, lettuce, tomato and 1 Light Laughing Cow Cheese, Pudding
Supper- Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry with Konjac Noodles
Snack- Muffin in a Bowl with Greek 0% yogurt on top

I thought I'd be a lot hungrier today than I was.  It actually went great.  I hadn't had the egg white wraps in quite a while and they were delicious.  I made them with Southwestern Style Egg Beaters. I gave blood tonight and I'm feeling very tired. 

Wednesday-FP (same weight as yesterday, I thought it might drop since I donated blood last night, but it was the same)

Breakfast- French Toast Wonder Wraps
Lunch-Fuel Pull Salad with 3 oz chicken, Choco-Pudding
Supper- Spaghetti Squash with 3 oz chicken, 1/2 tsp butter and a couple tsp. of lowfat cottage cheese, Butterscotch Pudding
Snack- Dish of Lemon flavored Greek 0% yogurt with a little more than 1/4 cup wild blueberries, 2 Wasa Crackers with Light Laughing Cow Cheese and cucumber slices

I also ate a couple of oz. of chicken before bed because I was really hungry.

I felt like this second day of FP was hard.  I guess I just didn't know what I wanted to eat or how much I should be eating.  I need to plan better for next week's FP days.

Thursday- E (down .4 this morning.....first new loss in a while!  YAY!)

Breakfast-THM pancakes with Greek 0% yogurt with a chopped peach and swirl of Ali's stevia sweetened maple syrup (SO yummy!)
Snack-Peach Cobbler Protein Shake
Lunch-Chicken Sandwich on Sprouted Bread with lettuce, tomato and a light Laughing Cow cheese, a few slices of cucumber and a small plum
Snack- Roasted Crispy Garbanzos and cucumber slices
Supper- Small Bowl of Chana Dal soup with chicken
Snack-Peach Cottage Berry Whip

E Days are fun. Looking forward to another E followed by 3 more S days!

** * My weight loss has been a process.  I've been on my weight loss journey since October 2010.  I have not lost this much weight since starting THM.  You can read this post to read more about how I lost the first 100 lbs.


Sydney said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe (or page number if it's in THM) for the butterscotch pudding? I haven't seen that.

Karen said...

For the butterscotch pudding, I use the recipe in the book, I just leave out the cocoa and use butterscotch extract.

Sydney said...

I hoped it was something that simple, thanks Karen!

Karen said...

You're welcome!

Jill said...

Wow! You are organized! Thanks for posting your menus. Thanks for sharing these, I'm going to cut and paste them and post them inside my cupboard!

Jill Farris (mom of 8 and married 32 years)

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