Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I tried 3 new recipes, apple marinated pork chops with cabbage (delicious), maple mustard glazed pot roast with winter vegetables (also delicious) and three cheese zucchini and spinach lasagna (not so good).  This week I'm really behind in menu planning since it's already Tuesday and I'm just getting this done.

Monday: Mary Lu's Cheesy Tomato and Macaroni Soup

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Fluffy Cheese and Greens Fritatta (The original recipe is from the current issue of the magazine.  It calls for spinach which is what I will use.)

Wednesday: Spaghetti and bread

ThursdaySpicy Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder with Ham* and rolls
 (I've made this twice..once with the chipotle in adobo and once without...this week it will be without)

Friday: Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice

Saturday: Pan-seared chicken, roasted butternut squash and stuffing

Sunday: leftovers or something easy like sandwiches or pancakes

*From the new Weight Watchers cookbook  I ♥ Leftovers. You can purchase this at a Weight Watchers store near you for much less than it is listed on Amazon.  I only paid $10 for mine. (You do not have to be a member to purchase items in a Weight Watchers store.)

Link up your own menu plan at orgjunkie.com.  (Or just find great ideas from other bloggers that share their menus.) This week is found here.

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