Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stick with It Saturday

It's Saturday and time for a Stick with it Saturday post. I lost .8 at Weight Watchers this week which was a pleasant surprise since I thought I hadn't lost.  Last  week I mentioned that my shin hurt.  After my run last Saturday I was in a lot of pain for a couple of days.  I ended up taking 4 days off from running.  I've done 2 pretty easy runs since and am doing OK.  My leg didn't hurt at all after I ran last night.  I really love using Jeff Galloway's Easy 5 K app. I am able to continue running but lessen the intensity and it just makes it fun.

Sunday- 2.62 miles on my pedometer- surprising since it hurt so much to walk

Monday-4.76 miles on my pedometer

Tuesday-3 miles on my pedometer.

Wednesday- 3.43 miles on my pedometer (including a short run)

Thursday-7.18 miles on my pedometer. We took a 3 mile walk on the beach.  My shin hurt when we got home but after putting ice on it I was fine.

Friday- 7.0 miles on the pedometer.  We went to a historical museum in the morning and I ran at night.  This makes it easy to accumulate lots of steps.

Saturday- No planned exercise.  I hope to accumulate a minimum of 10,000 steps today.

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