Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solar Oven (from Summer Bucket list)

Earlier this summer, I made a summer bucket list and we've been steadily working on crossing off some items.  Last week we made a solar oven with a pizza box and made some toast in it.  What a fun thing to make!

I had to cut a rectangle out of the cover and glue black construction paper to the bottom of the inside.

Then I made a flap with cardboard (my box didn't have a solid cover to begin with), and cover it with  foil.
Then I taped it to the box with masking tape.  I also covered the opening with plastic wrap.

We taped a ruler to the box and flap to get it to stay open correctly.
We elevated the solar oven to keep it off the wet grass.

Finished project was toasted hamburger rolls (they were a little hard).
We also noticed how much the sun had bleached the paper.
A very fun project.  I think we'll use this again sometime.  I'd like to make a bigger one and try cooking a meal someday.

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