Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stick with it Saturday

It's Saturday and time for a Stick with it Saturday post. This week we didn't have a regular Weight Watchers meeting because the meeting place was closed for the holiday. I did end up going yesterday to a different meeting.  I maintained this loss or gain.  I am OK with that and hope I'll be down a little when I go to my next meeting on Wednesday.

I've been continuing on using my pedometer and running 3 times a week using Jeff Galloway's Easy 5 K app.

Sunday- 2.42 miles on my pedometer

Monday-7.54 miles on my pedometer including a run.

Tuesday-6 miles on my pedometer.

Wednesday- 2.83 miles on my pedometer (we spent 6.5+ hours in the car that day)

Thursday-4.4 miles on my pedometer. I ran/walked 2 miles and then walked home.

Friday- I had a busy day and just didn't fit in as much walking as I'd like...having some shin pain also.

Saturday- This morning my shin hurt less than last night so I decided I'd go for a run.  It's really humid (dew point is 71).  I know it's a lot hotter in other places but the feel like temperature this morning was 88.  I ran 2.5 miles (with walking intervals) in 38:34 then I walked home.  My shin was killing me the whole way home.  I would have had my husband come pick me up but he was at Urgent Care with ear pain.  We got home at the same time.  So, I put in 5 miles this morning.  I've iced my leg and plan on taking it easy for at least 2 days and we'll see after that.

This morning after my run I weighed myself and saw a number I haven't seen in at least 14 years.  So happy about that!! (I wrote the beginning part of this post yesterday before I had this weight loss which is down about 2 lbs. I'm not sure how much of that I will hold on to because it was a post workout weight loss and not what I weighed when I got up.)

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Samantha Kelley said...

Go you!! I'll be sure to have the linky next brain. :)

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