Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 29

This is my 29th week of Trim Healthy Mama. Weight is holding steady.

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Breakfast-Eggplant French Toast with Greek O% Yogurt and mixed berries
Lunch-Summer Squash and Zucchini with Creamless Creamy Sauce and Grilled Chicken, Tomato
Snack-Reese's Whip
Supper-Grilled Chicken with Lettuce, Tomato, Light Laughing Cow Cheese and Joseph's Lavash
Snack-FP cake, yogurt, blueberries


Breakfast- (S) Stacy's Breakfast Cobbler; Greek 0% yogurt with PB2 and a tsp. of Polaner All Fruit
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon, Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(S) Salad with Chicken
Snack-(S) Satisfying Sundae


Breakfast-(S) Cereal and Cake Batter Protein Smoothie
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon, Skinny Chocolate
Supper-(S) Roasted Squash, Grilled Chicken
Snack-(S) Satisfying Sundae


Breakfast-(FP) Muffin in Bowl with Yogurt and Berries
Lunch-(FP) Salad with grilled chicken, Walden Farms dressing
Supper-(FP) Small Strawberry Kefir Smoothie, Eggplant Rounds, Grilled Chicken
Snack-(FP) Chocolate Cake with strawberries and FF Reddi-Wip


Breakfast-(S) Flax hot cereal
Lunch-(S) Salad with Grilled Chicken, Skinny Chocolate
Supper- (S)Gluten Free Cheesy Biscuits, Baked Eggs and Bacon
Snack- (S) Reese's Whip

Wednesday-All FP today

Breakfast-Stacy's Lemon Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl with Lemon Blueberry Greek 0% yogurt
Lunch-FP Salad with chicken and egg white, yogurt
Supper-Zucchini Noodles in Creamless Creamy Sauce with 3 oz chicken, yogurt
Snack-Tuna in a cucumber boat, FP chocolate cake


Breakfast-(E) Overnight Oats
Lunch-(S) Salad with Salmon, EVOO, balsamic
Supper-(OP) Pizza and Salad
Snack-(S) Yogurt with berries, Lily's chocolate and almonds

* My weight loss has been a process.  I've been on my weight loss journey since October 2010.  I have not lost this much weight since starting THM.  You can read this post to read more about how I lost the first 100 lbs.

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