Friday, September 2, 2011

Wise Alec:Nature Nuts


Wise Alec:Nature Nuts is a travel sized trivia game with questions in 3 categories: Earth, Animals and Plants.  Each player gets to decide if they want a 3 point (easier) or 7 point (more challenging) question.  The card you get depends on the color you roll. Roll red, yellow or green and you answer the question on  the card of that color.  Roll purple for a Wise Alec card which could be a brain teaser, tongue twister or you may even lose points, roll orange and another player gets to choose your card.

Watch this video that shows you how to play:

Ryan (11) and Emma (8) really enjoy playing this game.  The award winning game is designed in such a way that adults and children can easily play together. There are questions that the kids know the answers too and some that even my husband and I didn't know.  So, this makes it a great game for the whole family.  The recommended age is 8 and up. I think you could play it with slightly younger children if they are interested in science and are able to read well. They also give some suggestions for ways to "level the playing field" in scoring.

 In addition to the trivia questions, the Wise Alec cards add some fun to the trivia.  (We've had to walk like a chicken,  moo like a cow and repeat tongue twisters.)  I like the variety of questions that are on the cards that teach the kids useful information while they play.  I find that the more they play, the more they know more answers to the questions.

We did find some cards that we won't keep. One of the wise Alec cards had yoga on it and another question referred to millions of years.  We just discarded those cards.

Wise Alec: Nature Nuts comes in a sturdy package with a magnetic closure. (I love the design of the box.)The compact packaging has the rules attached to the box so you can't lose them ( a real plus around here!). There are two other Wise Alec travel games, Wise Alex: Civilize This! and Wise Alec: Sports Buff. In addition to being travel games, the cards in these travel games can be used to expand the Wise Alec Family Trivia Game.


You can purchase Wise Alec:Nature Nuts or other educational games at  a location near you or online.  Go to Griddly Games to locate a retailer near you or an online source. I have seen this online for $14.99.  I am guessing prices will vary depending on where you purchase the game. The Griddly Games website also features a Game Zone with activites, online games and rules to all your favorite Griddly Games.


If you enjoy trivia and learning while having fun, I think your family will enjoy Wise Alec: Nature Nuts. See what other reviewers are saying about Wise Alec:Nature Nuts and other Griddly Games on the TOS Crew blog!

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of Nature Nuts in exchange for an honest review.  


Jennifer said...

That sounds interesting. We like easily portable games to take in out camper.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I enjoyed reading about your experiences with the game. It's interesting to see how each family handles different aspects of the game. Thank you for the great review!

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