Monday, September 5, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge-Day 2

Today (Labor Day) we made plans to visit the Mystic Seaport . I wasn't sure what to wear on my feet.  I didn't want to wear sneakers with a dress (or skirt) but there's a lot of dirt roads there and I didn't know how I would manage in sandals but it ended up being fine.  I was glad I wore a dress.  This is my favorite casual dress.  It is SO comfortable (my oldest daughter thinks it's hideous..LOL)  I bought it for $6 at a thrift store which makes it even better.

Visit Swinging on Small Hinges to read an interesting discussion about dressing for success.  I know that when I learned from The Fly Lady to always wear shoes. I think that when we are dressed and ready for work we are more likely to accomplish something than if we hang around in our pjs. (which I am not inclined to do...I don't like sitting around in pajamas)

Here is a picture of me at the Seaport just before we left with daughters Jenna and Ellie.

Visit Swinging on Small Hinges to participate or read about others who are.


Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Thank you so much for linking up with me today! I think your dress is cute. Getting a bargain always makes it better! Sweet girls! :) Have a wonderful week.

Debbie said...

I don't think you dress is hideous and you should be grateful you can walk that much in sandals. I have to wear my sneakers, around the house or out in public, because of a heel spur problem. I have some dress shoes I wear on Sunday's and they are way better than what I used to wear, but they are not really comfortable enough to walk long distances in. I think you look cute also. Time for bed. It is supposed to rain at our house all day tomorrow... what to wear??? what to wear??? I will have to decide in the morning.

April said...

Oooh, I like this dress! Love orange! Great for fall! Looks good on you and comfy!


Karen said...

Thanks April. This is my favorite too and it is very comfortable.. :)

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