Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vintage Remedies Sale and Discount Code

Vintage Remedies is having an End of Year Sale on several classes and the Real Food books and cookbooks.  I ordered Effortless Real Food Cookbook, Guide to Real Food and Real Foods on a Budget.  These are available at a fantastic discount.  They also have a few free items you can order including the Vintage Remedies for Kids curriculum! I can't wait to get my new books!!

You can also use this link to get an additional 10% off discount code (if you use my link I will get a gift certificate).  Happy Shopping!

Just wanted to point out that I have the Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread which is not on sale but is a great read!

 photo VintageRemediesSale_zps71e06c62.jpg

Sale ends Friday, January 3, 2104


Manic Mama said...

Hi Karen--

I was looking for a way to contact you via email. I have a couple of questions about THM-- I'm struggling right now with the idea and trying to figure out what works best following my recent surgery and illness. If you would email me at polkadotmommy (at) gmail (dot) com, that would be awesome! Thanks!- Jamie

nana yang said...
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Brendan Murphy said...

Hi Karen, love your work and you are an ongoing living breathing inspiration to us all! Keep up the good works!

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