Monday, December 2, 2013

Names of Jesus-The Word

During this Christmas season I am planning to blog the names of Jesus with a scripture verse.  I know I won't get to one every day, but I will do as many as I can.  I had a different name planned for today but then I listened to a devotion (linked at the bottom) on Jesus is the Word and decided to start with this. The verse I chose was one of the first verses I memorized this year in my 100 Bible Verses in 2013 challenge.  I hope these word art pictures will be a blessing to you.  I know I am being blessed by making them.

 photo NamesofJesus-TheWord_zps50ccb7d7.jpg

1 comment:

Kelly Howard said...

If jesus is the Word of God and the Word of God tells us not to worship God like the pagans worship their gods then why do christians keep xmas? If jesus is the Word of God then did he come do do away with himself?

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