Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stick with it Saturday

Not too much has changed since last week.  I weighed the same at my Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting. I'm just sticking to the program and trying to meet all of the healthy guidelines each day.  I also make sure to track what I eat.

Today I will be sharing my weight loss journey at a Weight Watchers event.  My leader approached me this week to ask me if I would.  I hope I won't be too nervous.

I have been able to start exercising again.  I've been using the Wii.  I haven't done it every day but the days I have I've worked out pretty thoroughly (or as thoroughly as I can as I continue to recover from pneumonia).  My calves are so tight. :)

As soon as my chest feels better I plan to start running again.  I hope that happens SOON!  I got this run/walk/run timer for Christmas and I haven't been able to use it yet.

My goal for this week is to exercise some depending on how I'm feeling and to stick to my WW program.

Link up your own diet/exercise post over at Sam's Noggin.

1 comment:

Sam Kelley said...

Good for you! Good luck as you share your story. :) I plan to try short runs after the weather gets better, but with my history and my family history, running may very well not be my thing. :(

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