Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stick with it Saturday

It's Saturday again and time for a Stick with it Saturday post. It was inevitable. This week when I went to Weight Watchers I had gained .4 lbs.  I didn't do anything different.  I was just up a little.  I really hate that, but after over a year and a half on this weight loss journey I know that it just happens sometimes. I went to my meeting on Wednesday.  I weighed myself today and I'm still the same.  Hopefully I'll be back down some by my next meeting.

As far as exercise, I am continuing on with Couch to 5K using this app and walking as much as I can using my pedometer which is very motivating.  Today I reached the halfway point of Couch to 5K and I'm up to running 16 minutes with my maximum run time of 5 minutes at a time.  When I started I could hardly run for one minute.  It's really great to see progress!

This week at my Weight Watchers meeting, my leader shared a recipe for a grilled portobello mushroom and onion.  I put 2 tsp. of fat free italian dressing on the underside of the mushroom and grill it (along with a 1/2" slice of onion) for 6 minutes on each side. I put it in a Hungry Girl wrap (you could use a light hamburger roll) with 1 T. goat cheese, some mixed greens and tomato....delicious!

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Samantha Kelley said...

You're doing a great job! I love mushrooms!

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