Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pearson Learning-My World

myWorld Social Studies by Pearson Learning is a colorful, consumable curriculum  that we have been using for the past several weeks. (We used 4th grade.)  I was very impressed by the quality of the worktext.  Our homeschooling style in general is using living books and not a lot of textbooks, but I really like this book.


myWorld Social Studies Homeschool Bundle includes:
  • Student Worktext (well over 300 pages)
  • myStory video DVD
  • Teacher Resource Library DVD

Each chapter begins with a myStory feature which is a real life story that relates to the lesson.  You will find highlighted vocabulary words at the beginning of each lesson. Other parts of the lesson include the Got it? section which has questions designed to ensure your child understands the lesson and a Try It activity.  At the end of the lesson there is a Review and Assessment activity.  

The student worktext is bright and filled with photographs and illustrations. Pages are perforated which is nice if you like to pull pages out as you go or to add to a notebook.  We chose to leave ours in the book and haven't had any issues with loose pages.

The Teacher Resource Library DVD is packed with so much from detailed lesson plans to tests, worksheets, activity cards, and even audios to prepare the teacher for each lesson.  The teacher DVD is a bit difficult to navigate but once you learn how to find what is on it you will be impressed.

The bundle also includes a myStory video DVD with videos that go along with the lessons in the book. These are short (about 2 minute) video segments that are narrated and have very basic animation.  There are 9 videos included.  (one for each chapter)

The theme of the 4th grade book is Regions of Our Country.  The 328 plus page book is divided into 9 chapters as follows:

1-Geography of the United States
2-Americans and Their History
3-Government in the United States
4-The Nation's Economy
5-Regions: The Northeast
6-Regions: The Southeast
7-Regions: The Midwest
8-Regions: The Southwest
9-Regions: The West

Each chapter is divided into 3-5 lessons.Throughout the course there are many opportunities for reading and writing and learning valuable skills such as generalizing, summarizing, categorizing, learning the difference between fact and opinion, comparing and contrasting and more. 

As mentioned, the teacher's resource DVD is extensive.  However, you could easily just pick up this book and teach it without ever using anything on the DVD.

Click to view the Scope and Sequence for grades K-6.

You can purchase myWorld Social Studies homeschool bundle including the student book, Teacher Resource DVD and myStory DVD-ROM for $69.99.


See what others are saying about this and other curriculum from Pearson Homeschool including enVision Math, My Math Lab (Algebra) and Reading Street on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


disclaimer: I received a free copy of My World Social Studies 4th grade in exchange for an honest review.


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