Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama-Week 14

This is my 14th week of Trim Healthy Mama. Ever since deciding to combine Weight Watchers Points with THM I have been steadily dropping weight.  I am completely thrilled with this.

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Friday- Starting out the week sick.  My total weight loss as of today is 104.2 lbs. (new weight loss today of .4)

Breakfast-(FP) 1 cup Greek 0% Yogurt with blueberries (3 Points Plus)
Snack-(FP) Fat Stripping Frappa (3 Points Plus)
Lunch-(E) Tuscany in a Bowl E style with Quinoa (5 Points Plus), Gluccie Pudding-Butterscotch-YUM (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(S) Skinny Chocolate (4 Points Plus), Sauteed Cabbage in 1 tsp. butter with 2 eggs scrambled in (5 Points Plus)-Didn't enjoy this at all...I should have taken the time to make soup.1/2 cup Greek 0% Yogurt and blueberries(1 Point Plus)
Snack-(S) Tummy Tucking Ice Cream made with Greek yogurt and Skinny Chocolate (6 Points Plus)

Total Points: 28  Weekly Points Remaining: 39  Activity Points Earned: 0   Total: 1

Saturday- down another .6 today (104.8 lost)

Breakfast-(FP) 1 cup Greek 0% Yogurt with blueberries (3 Points Plus)
Lunch-(E) All Day Lentil Soup (1 1/2 cups) (Guessing 5 Points Plus), Pudding (1 Point Plus)
Supper-Sipping homemade chicken broth due to a terrible stomachache
Snack- 2 oz chicken in a Joseph's pita (3 Points Plus) Reese's Whip (6 Points Plus)

Total Points: 18  Weekly Points Remaining: 39   Activity Points Earned:0  Total: 1

Sunday- down another .2 (105 lbs lost)
Activity- none

Breakfast-(FP) Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (4 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) 3 oz Chicken with 1/2 Avocado in a Joseph's pita (6 Points Plus), Skinny Chocolate (4), 1/2 cup Greek 0% yogurt with blueberries (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(E) All Day Lentil Soup-1 Cup (4 Points-guessing), Cottage Blueberry Whip (2 Points Plus)
Snack-(S) Cake in a Mug (6 Points Plus), Chai Tea with cream (1 Point Plus)

Total Points: 29   Weekly Points Remaining: 38  Activity Points Earned: 0 Total: 1

I lost 2.8 lbs in the last week.  This is so amazing to me!  I never lose that much in a week.  Great week!!

*****End of WW week*****

Monday-down .8 this morning (105.8 lost)

Breakfast-(E) Trim Healthy Pancakes with 1/2 cup Greek 0% yogurt and Gwen's berry syrup (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Exotic Green Curry (5 Points Plus), Pudding (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(S) Zucchini Noodles with 3 oz Chicken and Light Alfredo Sauce (5 Points Plus), Reece's Whip with Skinny Choc.(8 Points Plus)
Snack-(FP) 1 Cup Greek 0% Yogurt with blueberries (3 Points Plus)

Total Points: 27  Weekly Points Remaining: 48   Activity Points Earned: 0  Total: 0

Still not really feeling great.  I had a lot of yogurt is what sounds good.

Tuesday-down 1.4 this morning (107.2 lost)

Breakfast-(FP) Greek 0% yogurt and blueberries (3 Points Plus)
Lunch-(E) Sweet Potato with 1 tsp. coconut oil, lettuce, red pepper, balsamic and tuna(4 Points Plus), Pudding (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(S) Green Fries (1 Point Plus), Fried Fish (7 Points Plus), Reese's Whip (6 Points Plus)
Snack-(S) Skinny Chocolate (4 Points Plus)

Total Points: 26 Weekly Points Remaining: 48   Activity Points Earned: 0 Total: 0

Wednesday- (scale was up .4 today)

Breakfast-(S) 2 Farm Fresh Eggs fried in 1 tsp. grassfed butter, zucchini noodles, 1 tsp coconut oil (6 Points Plus)
Lunch-(E) Tuscany in a Bowl with Quinoa (5 Points Plus), 1/2 cup grapes, Pudding (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(FP) Strawberry Shortcake (1 Point Plus)
Snack-(S) Reese's Whip with Skinny Chocolate and nuts (10 Points Plus)

I do not have my normal appetite.  Still not feeling that great.  It's rare for me to not have a huge appetite. I spent quite a while cleaning today and also walked around Walmart so I'm sure I earned some activity points but I wasn't wearing my pedometer so I'm not officially counting anything.

Total Points: 23   Weekly Points Remaining: 48   Activity Points Earned: 0  Total: 0

Thursday- (same as yesterday)

Snack- Woke up at 5 AM and couldn't stop coughing, then I was so hungry I couldn't sleep so I got up and had (FP) 1/2 cup Greek 0% Yogurt and some berries (1 Point Plus)
Breakfast-(E) Savory Skillet Quinoa (5 Points Plus)
Lunch-(S) Chicken/Laughing Cow Wedge in Joseph's Pita (5 Points Plus), Frappa with 1/2 Scoop Whey Protein (2 Points Plus), Pudding (1 Point Plus)
Supper-(Planned Cheat) Pizza (12 Points Plus)
Snack-(S) Yogurt with strawberries and Skinny Chocolate (5 Points Plus)

Total Points: 31   Weekly Points Remaining: 43  Activity Points Earned: 0 Total: 0

I lost 2.6 lbs this week.  That is so amazing to me.  I'm so, so happy to be losing again.

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