Friday, March 2, 2012

Hero Tales

Hero Tales from American History as read by Hal Young is a delightful 3 part audio series from the author of Raising Real Men.

Part One

Did you know Theodore Roosevelt wrote a book for children?

He did. He wrote a book to teach character and virtue through the stories of American History.

He’s been called “The Most Interesting American” and his book is just that!

Hero Tales makes it even more interesting by turning it into an audiobook and adding sound effects. Ships creaking, gulls cawing, cannon fire, even angry French mobs come together to make history they’ll never forget…

In Part One listeners will learn about George Washington, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, the Battle of Trenton and Dennington. You can listen to a sample (Daniel Boone).

I really enjoy listening to these stories. Hal Young's soothing voice makes these perfect for bedtime listening or listening in the car or anywhere else for that matter. The sound effects add interest but are not overpowering. These are valuable stories that all children should hear and know.

You can purchase Hero Tales in a variety of ways...on CD or as an mp3 download.

All Three Volumes Hero Tales @ $15.00
Hero Tales Part One CD @ $7.00
Hero Tales Part One MP3 @ $4.00
Hero Tales Part Two CD @ $7.00
Hero Tales Part Two MP3 @ $4.00
Hero Tales Part Three CD @ $5.00
Hero Tales Volume Three mp3 Download @ $4.00
Buy 10 Part One CDs @ $40.00
Or 10 Sets for Gifts! @ $100.00

Shipping Rates Orders under $15 incur $2.50 shipping; $15 and over is free.

disclaimer: I received Hero Tales Part One on CD in exchange for an honest review.


Christina said...

What age range do you think that this would be good for? I am always looking for things to listen to while driving here and there.

Karen said...

I guess it depends on the listener. I'd say elementary age but someone older might also enjoy listening. (I liked the stories) Listen to the sample online to see what you think. Also, you can find the actual book that he is reading online free so you can see the stories as well.

I hope this helps.

Cherie said...

I'm glad you posted about this! I think the Young's and Raising Real Men was fantastic, it's great to see more things put out by them and on American History no less. I'm excited! Thanks :-)

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