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Action Alert

Do you worry about what your kids are doing on the internet?  I might be the biggest fan of the internet but there are so many dangers especially for our children who might not be very discerning.  A bit of inquisitiveness can turn ugly fast!  And along comes Action Alert to help you protect your children and monitor their computer activity.


Action Alert comes in two versions. There is a free version that you can get started with right now with a quick download or you can purchase the Maximum Protection plan.

One of coolest features of this program is the activity video recording.  You can literally see everything that your children have looked at minute by minute. You also can also be alerted if certain words or phrases are typed. You create the list and as soon as that word is typed you receive instant notification via email or text. You can even shut down internet access remotely if you are concerned by the notification you have received.

Action Alert also offers site blocking, time restrictions and content filtering among other things. Visit the FAQ page for more information.   

You might wonder what the difference is between the Free Action Alert and the Maximum Protection.  Here are the differences.

Free Version - Includes a web filter to ensure safe searches, website blocking that prevents access to a constantly updated list of websites, time use controls – it even sends texts or e-mail alerts when dangers are detected. All of this PLUS free tech support where calls are taken at their Arizona based support center.

Maximum Protection – Action Alert sends a message to your cell phone or e-mail when an event occurs that you should be aware of. This message lets parents know they should take a look at the computer and probably have a talk with their young computer user.

Through the Action Alert Manager you can block certain hours of access by
clicking on the squares in the grid, you can also set a daily time limit and shut down internet access.
If your computer is set up with multiple users you can apply different settings for each person
 or you can use the same for all.

"Action Alert is an easy to use, patent pending, award winning computer safety solution that gives parents everything they need to create a "kid safe" computing environment. Simply installing Action Alert onto the family or kids PC gives parents an easy way to filter and block unwanted content, control when the computer is used and for how long and be informed when dangers or suspicious activity occurs. (like if a child gives out personal information online) Action Alert maximum protection allows parents to review all computer activity as easy as watching a DVR. This unique feature provides an easy way to create the environment that is constantly recommended by experts - an environment where kids know that their parents are not shut out of their “online world”. " -from Action Alert

I think Action Alert is an excellent way to keep my children safe online and for my husband and I to monitor their computer activity.  I previewed this on a PC but intend to download this onto all of the computers the children use in the near future.  I did have an issue that I needed to contact Action Alert with (a forgotten code) and they got back to me right away with the information I needed.

One thing I did not like was that when you install Action Alert it automatically changes your home page to Action Alert.  I am not computer savvy enough to know if computer smart kids can figure out ways to get around Action Alert.

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Action Alert has received significant national media, including a feature on NBC's The Today Show and along with many others; Disney's iParenting has awarded our technology as one of its best safety products for kids. And Action Alert is the only product recommended by the Child Safety Network

As mentioned you can download a free version of Action Alert or purchase the Maximum Protection version for $29.99.  (If you download the free version you will be offered to upgrade for just $19.99.) Note that Action Alert is only for Windows based computers.

I recommend that you read what others are saying about Action Alert on the TOS crew blog then check it out for yourself.

disclaimer: I received a free Maximum Protection subscription to Action Alert in exchange for an honest review.

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