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College Prep Genius-Review


The newly revised and updated College Prep Genius: The No Brainer Way to SAT* Success is a DVD, textbook, workbook set that prepares your students for taking the SAT (and PSAT).

The textbook is a 6 part book:

PART I: Introduction to the SAT
PART II: The Critical Reading Section
PART III: The Math Section
PART IV: The Writing Section
PART V: Scholarship Search
PART VI: Journal for Test Success

The book ends with 3 appendices.  Appendix A includes a list of prefixes, B is a list of math terms and the final Appendix is a motivation test to help you "create a game plan that will help you chart your course to stay on track and reach your test score goals."

The textbook is a 325 page book FILLED with everything you need to know to prepare for the SAT.  Beginning with information about what the SAT (and PSAT) is and then going through each section of the SAT.

The DVD portion includes 4 DVDs with 12 lessons (approx. 45 minutes each):

Lesson 1: Introduction the the SAT
Lesson 2: Critical Reading-Long Passage
Lesson 3: Critical Reading-Short and Dual Passage
Lesson 4: Critical Reading-Sentence Completion
Lesson 5: Math-Multiple Choice
Lesson 6: Math-Multiple Choice Practice Problems and Answers
Lesson 7: Math-Student Response
Lesson 8: Math-Student Response Practice Problems and Answers
Lesson 9: Writing- The Essay
Lesson 10: Writing- The Essay
Lesson 11: Writing-Sentence Error
Lesson 12:Writing-Improving Sentences and Improving Paragraphs

Each DVD also includes a section of acronyms that are used to help the student remember specific strategies for each section. This is an important part of the course and students are encouraged to memorize them.

The DVD is an invaluable part of this program. As author Jean Burke teaches the course she tells you when to turn off the DVD and then when you turn it back on she goes through each problem step by step. She also debunks many of the myths associated with the SAT.  I learned a few things about that! Did you know that the SAT is really a logic test and NOT a test of knowledge.  I  had no idea about how a great score on the PSAT (and SAT) can make scholarships available to your students.  I also found out how much the test has changed since I took it in 1986. :)

In the DVD students will learn how to best approach each section of the test with strategies for each. I wish I had this course when I took the SAT.I always liked taking those tests where you have to bubble in your answers. I would love to know how I would do on the test now. (nutty, I know..LOL)

I have to say these DVDs are not "fun" to watch.  They aren't funny or overly interesting but I think the information in this course is vital to anyone preparing to take the PSAT or the SAT.  I think this course is reasonably priced and would be extremely helpful to anyone planning to take the SAT.  I do not currently have anyone preparing to take the SAT but my 9th grader will likely take the PSAT next year so I intend to have her use this course to prepare.  I would definitely recommend this program.  I would advise buying all of the components (DVD, text and workbook).  You will get the most benefit this way.

I looked into SAT prep courses in my area and didn't find ANY that were as reasonably priced.  The least expensive one was $125 at our state community college (which would involve gas money and travel time).  I like this option better.  Most of the courses cost much more.

A newsclip with author Jean Burk: (don't miss this!)

The complete program is $99.00 (25% discount over products ordered individually). To order individually, prices are as follows: College Prep Genius Second Edition Textbook $49.95, College Prep Genius Second Edition Workbook $19.95, College Prep Genius Second Edition DVD $59.95

Also available is the Vocabcafe series of books that help students learn SAT level words while reading an original story. (see reviewes on the TOS crew blog)

College Prep Genius offers a 100% money-back guarantee. (see website for details)
You can read what others are saying about College Prep Genius on the TOS crew blog.
disclaimer: I received a free copy of College Prep Genius in exchange for an honest review.

*The SAT and PSAT/NMSQT are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which does not endorse this book.

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