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How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids

I'm not sure that I ever shared that I am an official member of the TOS Homeschool crew and will be reviewing products all year long.  I am so excited.  The first item I am reviewing is How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids by Rachael Carman.  It is a beautiful hardcover book that is the perfect size for carrying anywhere.  I was so surprised by how adorable this book is...but, since we can't judge a book by its cover let's take a peek inside.


This book for moms is divided into an introduction, 5 chapters (one for each letter in H.E.A.R.T.) and an epilogue as follows:

Introduction: The Heart of the Matter

                        Chapter 1:   H — Have a Heart for the Things of God
    Chapter 2:   E — Enrich Your Marriage
Chapter 3:   A — Accept Your Kids
     Chapter 4:   R — Release Them to God
      Chapter 5:   T — Teach Them the Truth

Epilogue: Heartfelt Encouragement

The chapters are easy to read yet thought provoking.  It begins with the author's journey into homeschooling then she shares ways for moms to really have a heart for our children by first strengthening our walk with the Lord and then allowing Him to use us to equip our children for His purpose.  Each chapter ends with a HEART CHECK UP which is a list of questions meant for self examination.  The questions help to make the chapters personal and practical.

Here is a brief look into each chapter:

In the introduction, the author shares her journey into being a homeschool mom.  She didn't jump in head first with a great desire to homeschool.  She started out of necessity and the Lord slowly changed her heart.  On page 24 she says, "When we first started homeschooling in the fall of 1996, I did not have a heart for my children.  Although I loved my children, I was ready to get my life back.  I was done with the motherhood gig, ready to get back to me."

Chapter 1 is about having a heart for the things of God.  Before we can have heart for our children we need to prepare ourselves and our hearts to parent our children through our own pursuit of God for His glory and by His grace. (p.32)

In Chapter 2 you find simple ideas for enriching your marriage and reasons why this is so vital.

Chapter 3 may have been the most convicting for me.  Accept your Child  - Sometimes I spend too much time trying to "fix" my children.  In this chapter, she explains the difference between accepting your child and supporting them and also tells you what acceptance is not

Chapter 4 was also very timely for me as my oldest daughter turned 18 this year and I have others not far behind.  This chapter is about releasing your children to God to do what HE would have them do and not what WE would have them do.

Chapter 5 Teaching Them the Truth.  Above all else, we must teach our children the Truth...biblical truth. This needs to be our priority.

The Epilogue closes this scripture filled book with words of encouragement.

I highly recommend this book for all moms.  It is Biblical, entertaining, convicting and encouraging.  This is a book I will read more than once and would consider it a great gift for a new mom or one getting ready to start homeschooling (and just as good for someone who has been homeschooling for a long time).

You can purchase a copy of How to Have a H.E.A.R.T for your Kids at Apologia educational ministries, inc for $13.00.  Click here to read the introduction.  Did you know that Apologia sells things other than science books?  I didn't realize this until recently.  Check out everything they have to offer on their website.


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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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There are some great lessons in that little book.
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