Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonders

 Over the past week and a half we have been using Download N Go's Winter Wonders unit study.  We really enjoyed the Download N Go Autumn Treasures study so I was really looking forward to this one.  This unit is so jam packed that we could easily spend an entire month studying the topics included.  I think we will do this one again next year and spend more time with it.  Several of the books on the suggested book list included are also Five in a Row titles and I think it would be great fun to "row" a few books while working through Winter Wonders.

Each Download N Go unit study has 5 days of lessons.  In Winter Wonders you get:

Day 1: What is Winter?
Day 2: Science Secrets of Winter
Day 3: People and Places of Winter
Day 4: Time for Tips and Treasures of Winter
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Winter

sample pages

This is a picture of our "winter" books.  Some are from the library and others we own.  I love the book list in each DNG unit study.  It sure makes life easy when I can just go to the online card catalog and order books that I know will be pertinent to the study as well as safe!

For quite a few years now we have not had a TV.  (We did have a tiny one for the past few months that the kids used to watch old VHS tapes) but, not a TV big enough for the family to watch.  The week after Christmas we got a 40" TV and despite my original reservations I am so happy we got it because I can use it for our Download N Go studies.  We bought an HDMI cable so we can hook the laptop directly to the TV and everyone can easily see all of the great videos and links included in the studies.

TV and laptop side by side...with a Download N Go video playing on the screen

I always like to share a few pictures of our week and let the pictures speak for what we did.
Emma in front of the tree we are following this year.

Emma, Connor and Ryan

Emma on the one day we went on a nature walk.

Emma with her glittery paper snowflake card she made.

nature walk after snowfall (this is the frog pond I've shared pictures of in other studies)

Even the trees smile when it snows.  (At least in my yard they do.)

We made a snowman cake.  We found the directions for making this cake in the Pampered Chef Festive Holiday Desserts Recipe Collection.

Emma adding arms to our snowman cake

Emma with the finished snowman cake.

We also made some bird feeders. (We had a big snowstorm over the last 24 hours and these will be going out on the trees in the morning.  Our other feeders were very busy today!)

Katie helping Emma

Emma spreading peanut butter (actually it was almond butter)
 on a pine cone

Emma holding up the rice cake/almond butter/bird seed hanger

our pine cone and rice cake bird feeders
Inside of Emma's lapbook folder
The inside back cover of the lapbook folder.

This was a really great study that I would highly recommend.  We learned about all things much to learn about and so much fun!  There are a lot of things we did not get to that we might still do as we have time or save for next year.  Thank you Amanda Bennett for another great unit study!

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