Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Wednesday-Color Walk

The Handbook of Nature Study Blog is having Winter Wednesday Challenges.

We took our challenge today since we had a large snowstorm all day yesterday.  This is week 1 and the challenge was to take a color walk.  So today Emma and I went outside and looked for colors.  There was plenty of white..that is for sure!  Here is what we saw:

It's hard to see in the picture but there is green lichen on the tree.

more green (and white)

rust colored leaves

red berries but I'm not sure what kind of tree
this is in my neighbor's yard.

The beautiful blue sky and the MOON!

yellow and brown grasses sticking up in the snow

a pink bird...oh wait..that is Emma
We didn't see as much color as I would have liked but we were very limited because there is too much snow for us to even walk in the woods.  I actually tried to walk to the middle of my yard and ended up with my boots full of snow!  OUCH!  I think I need taller boots!  I was hoping to see a cardinal or blue jay but not today.

This is my neighbor.  He drove up and wanted to know what we were taking pictures of so I told him and he said his uniform could be the black and gray.  Thanks Mike! :)

Here are a few pictures of our bird feeders: (this is what I was doing when I filled my boots with snow!)

Emma tying our pine cone bird feeders we made
 yesterday to the tree.

The birds have been very busy at all of our feeders.  Even the snowman
is a feeder.  Ryan sprinkles him with birdseed and hung a couple of pine cone
feeders on his arms.

I am really enjoying our nature study.  You can too.  Head over to the Handbook of Nature Study blog and get started.  In case you missed my earlier blog post on this, I purchased the Winter Nature Study ebook to help us with our nature study.  It also includes art and music.  I think it is well worth it but you do not have to purchase anything to do the challenges.  They are all right there on the blog free of charge.  Thank you Barbara!!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

What a wonderful entry! I love all the winter activities that you included in your color study. Your "pink bird" looks like she had a lot of fun! So glad to see you are putting out some birdseed for the winter birds. :)

Thanks so much for sharing your link.

See Jamie blog said...

Great job with finding all those colors, even in the snow!

Monica said...

What fun! Great photos and colors!

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