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Craft Kits in a Bag

If you are familiar with Activity Bags such as Preschool Activities in a Bag, Reading Games in a Bag, Math Games in a bag and more, you will be happy to learn of their newest set of activities in a bag: Craft Kits in a Bag. (And if you're not familiar with them, now would be a great time to check them out.) There are three Craft Kits in a Bag e-books offering a total of 96 crafts.

 photo zcraftkits_zps2b44d0d6.jpg

As with all of the activities in a bag, Craft Kits in a Bag can be used by a single family or in a group by having a swap. In order to host a swap you will need a Coordinator Handbook (free) and a copy  of at least one of the Craft Kits in a Bag e-books. (Only the coordinator of the swap needs to purchase the e-book!)

 photo zcoordinatorhandbook_zps541c7d08.jpg

Each Craft Kit in a Bag e-book has 32 craft projects designed for grades K-6.  They come with a supply list for 1, 10, 15 or 20 kits making it easy to gather the needed supplies for 1 kit or multiple kits for a swap.  You will find a wide variety of crafts to choose from (or make them all).  You'll find mosaics, 3-D art, papier-mâché, recycled crafts, puzzles to make and do, bead crafts, jewelry, picture frames and so much more!

 photo zdaisychain_zps8d9da8d5.jpg
This is a sample of the supply chart you get for each craft.

 photo zwhatgoesinthebag_zps189e26ee.jpg
There are clear directions telling you what to put in each bag.

 photo zlabel_zpsf1327ad3.jpg
Each craft comes with a page of labels that are to be attached to the craft bags
(gallon size zipper bags).  Attach the label with clear mailing tape.

 photo zcraftinstructions_zps7e4cf2d1.jpg
Directions are given to be printed and
added to each craft bag.

What I love about the craft bags is that most of the supplies needed are things you probably already have around your house and if not, they are available inexpensively.  These bags are great to have around for keeping your elementary children (and we've used them with pre-schoolers too).  I think  they would make a wonderful gift for a child that like to make crafts as well.  I know my girls would love to receive a set of pre-made craft kits that they can just pull out and make.

Here are a couple of crafts that we have done recently from Craft Kits in a Bag.

The kids LOVED this one.  I don't think we've ever done mosaics before and they just loved gluing the beans (and some other items I had around like rice, pasta and lentils) to their papers. My 18 year old even made one!

 photo 001-2_zps569cf709.jpg

 photo 002-4_zpsb936780b.jpg

 photo 003-3_zpsefc3d63c.jpg

Another craft my 10 year old especially enjoyed (and I remember loving as a child) was to make scratch art.  She was so impressed. Here is her artwork:

 photo 043-1_zps5e00ab78.jpg
You can't see all of it but Emma wrote,
"This is so awesome"
and so it is.

Other titles by Activity Bags include:

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Daily Activity Journal 1 and 2

Math Games in a Bag
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Craft Kits in a Bag e-book are available for $15 each.  Check out all the products available from Activity Bags. Save 30% until January 31st.  Coupon code is on the website!  Samples of all 3 books are also available on the website.

For further information visit the FAQ page.

disclaimer: I received pdf copies of all 3 Craft Kits in a Bag e-books in exchange for an honest review.

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