Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in New York City

Today is my daughter, Rachel's 17th birthday.  Just over a week ago, my husband and I took her (and our 18 year old daughter) to New York City.  For her birthday and Christmas present she wanted to see The Lion King on Broadway.  It was too expensive to buy tickets for all of us so my husband went to the show with Rachel and Erin and I walked around looking at the shop windows.

I was sick as a dog.  I had a virus (still trying to get over it).  I decided at the last minute that I would go. I had been running a temperature over 101 for a couple of days and had a bad cough.  I saw a doctor on Friday that assured me it wasn't bronchitis or pneumonia and that if I felt up to it I could go. On the morning we went I was feeling a little better so I took some ibuprofen and cough pills and we headed out.  We drove to the train station about an hour and 15 minutes from here.  When we arrived I started feeling really dizzy.  On the train platform I also started feeling nauseated and like I might pass out. I was sweating off the fever from the ibuprofen and I had to take my coat off, squat down and lean against the wall. The train finally came and we got on. I felt sick for the entire 97 minute train ride.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  Fortunately, once we got off the train and I started moving around I started feeling a little better.

We walked directly to Macy's.  Macy's is ENORMOUS!  Once inside, we had quite a time even finding our way back out. The store windows were pretty cool though.

Outside Macy's

Another view of Macy's


Inside Macy's
Inside Macy's

One of the windows at Macy's
One of the windows at Macy's

We walked up Broadway and Rob and Rachel got some lunch at a pizza place.  Erin and I figured we'd get something later while they were at the show.  After eating, we all headed over to Rockefeller Center.  We took this picture on the way.Someone offered to snap the picture and didn't run away with the camera which was a plus.

Rob and I with Erin and Rachel

This was really a cool display.

Tree at Rockefeller center
The tree at Rockefeller Center in the afternoon

This was in the afternoon when the crowds were "light".  Later on I got "trapped" in here. I was afraid we'd get crushed or trampled.  I was so glad to get out of there.
The skating rink in Rockefeller Center

Not long after it was time for Rob and Rachel to head to the show and Erin and I headed out with a map to see a variety of store windows and do some shopping.  I dragged her all over the city (remember I was the sick one!).

I can't remember which store this was. I think it was Saks.  It had little feathers floating all around.  It looked like snow but it doesn't show in the picture.
This was my favorite window. I believe it was at Saks.
You can't see it in the photo but,feathers were flying all inside the window making it look like snow.

This display (again I "think" it was at Saks) was really cool.  different sections would tip and turn to make the snow globes work.
This was another cool one at Saks.
It featured snow globes.

Central Park
Central Park
(We said "g'day squirrels"-You have to be a Wiggles fan to get that.)
Erin and I walked a lot. We went to Bloomingdale's, Bergdorf Goodman's, Williams and Sonoma. We were at FAO Schwarz but we didn't go in...the line was LONG.  I did get us turned around a couple of times adding to the walking. We were hungry, thirsty and tired!  We finally walked back to Grand Central Station so I could find a shop that I was looking for to get Katie some socks.  I thought maybe we'd get something to eat there but we didn't see anything we wanted.  So, we headed back toward Rockefeller Center (heading in the wrong direction...again.....all my fault).  We finally got there.  It was SO crowded.  We got stuck in a crowd and I was very close to having a panic attack.(not that I've ever had one but I felt very panicky) I thought we might get trampled or crushed.  I was SO happy to get out of there.  We were supposed to meet back up with Rob and Rachel at a designated spot in Rockefeller Center but I couldn't get there if I tried.  I called Rob and told him I was outside Radio City music hall.  It took a while but we were finally reunited and walked back to Grand Central.  I was never so happy to get on a train and head home.  (Erin and I were able to get some water and a pretzel at Rockefeller Center.)

It really was pretty.
The tree was really beautiful at night.
(too many people at night though)
When we left the city I was thinking that I could check visiting NYC at Christmas off my bucket list never to go back.  However, I am looking forward to another trip to NYC.  I would just do some things differently.  I really would like to go to Radio City next year.

Oh, and Rachel loved The Lion King.  She thought it was amazing.  Yay!

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Karyn Tripp said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Crew to follow your blog. Have a great holiday season!

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