Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Preview of Expedition Africa

I received a preview copy of Expedition Africa to review and I am beyond excited about what is in this Download N Go unit study.  If you have read any of my previous reviews of Download N Go you know that we love them.  There is something extra special about the Expedition series though.  It is fascinating to learn about far away places and to cover a multitude of other subjects while doing it.  I love how everything is all pulled together in an easily implemented unit that can be done in one week or expanded to last much longer (which is what we did with Expedition Mexico taking 3 weeks.)

In Expedition Africa there are 5 days of topics:

Day 1:  Where on Earth Is Africa?

Day 2:  Some of the Special Places in Africa
Day 3:  A Bit of History
Day 4:  Cool Things to Know About Africa
Day 5:  Fun and Games in Africa

There are a wealth of topics including geography, animals, and Bible stories. I am particularly excited about the missionaries included in this study.  We know a couple of missionaries to Africa so we will certainly be adding something about them and the countries they serve in.

You will also find opportunities for writing, spelling and vocabulary. There are even some math topics like telling time, measurement, thermometers and even Geometry (think pyramids). As with every Download N Go unit, there are cool videos to watch and research links that take the hassle out of doing it yourself.  Another big plus is the extensive list of suggested books.  I can just go online to my library and order the books I want.  None of the books are necessary though so it’s possible to just print out day 1 and get started without any preparation.

The colorful worksheets included with each Download N Go unit and the lapbooking minit books make for a wonderful end of unit review to share with family and friends and to review over and over again so your children will actually remember what they learned.  We have recently started using pocket folders to keep the worksheets together and we glue the lapbook components to the inside of the folder.

I am thankful to Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse for writing and publishing these unit studies that are affordable and so much fun to do.

Expedition Africa will be released tomorrow, August 23.

*I was given a free copy of Expedition Africa in exchange for an honest review.

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