Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lake Compounce

On Friday we spent the day at Lake Compounce, an amusement and water park.  It was our first time going as a family and the first time the kids went on "big" rides.  We have only been to smaller amusement parks for kids in the past.

Becca and Sadie napping on the way there.
Emma and Ryan loved this one.
Emma, Jenna, Ellie and Connor on the swinging ship.
Jenna and Emma
Connor the goofball
Ryan, Ellie, Connor, Emma, Jenna
Ryan was spinning this and Ellie loved it.
Connor didn't like this one at all.
Sadie and Katie
Rebecca, Erin and Rachel
Jenna and Emma
Jenna on the waterslide
Erin, Rachel and Katie waiting for the lighthouse waterslide
Love this one of Becca and Connor
The Zoomerang, Rob, Erin and Rachel braved this one
Erin and Rachel on the Zoomerang
Just before we left for the night Ellie spilled soda all over
herself so she wrapped up in the sling.


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