Friday, August 13, 2010

The County Fair

Last night we went to the county fair.  It's not a very large fair but I like to go.  We ate an early supper and took 6 of the kids with us.  The oldest 3 really were not interested in going so they stayed home with the baby.  It was a beautiful night.  The children who entered crafts, pictures and drawings in the fair all won ribbons too!

Emma, Jenna and Connor
Ryan waited a whole year to get this hat.  He's still wearing it.

woodsmen contest-love watching this!
Rob and the kids priming the pump
Jenna doing the washing
Connor hanging up the "laundry".  I hate to think how many other kids put that in their mouth!
getting some honey candy
Connor, Jenna and Emma checking out the piglets
watching the motorcycle rodeo...LOUD
the motorcycle rodeo
favorite picture of the night...Katie and Ellie
watching the fireworks
Poor Connor doesn't like loud noises and everything was loud all night. 
Katie got a blue ribbon for this rug hooking project.
Connor got 2 third place ribbons for drawings.
Emma got a blue ribbon for this drawing.
Ryan got 4 ribbons, Katie got 3, Connor received 2 and Emma got 1.  I didn't take pictures of everything.  Maybe I will when they pick up their ribbons Sunday night.

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