Friday, December 9, 2011

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Ryan (12) loves all kinds of guns and bows and when he heard about the Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow he really wanted to get one.  So, with some birthday money we ordered it.  It would be an understatement to say that he loves this bow.

This is the video we saw that introduced us to the bow

Kind of silly..but gives you a good idea of what the bow is like.

The Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow shoots over 100 feet and comes with 1 foam suction cup arrow and 2 foam bounce back arrows.  It also comes with a clip so you can clip the arrows on your belt loop.  It is made of sturdy plastic with tubular bands that draw back. The bow hooks on two loops that are connected to the bands. It seems to be well made (unlike the toy bows I've seen in the stores).

I am taking the picture from the spot where Ryan shot the arrow from
and he is under the black arrow in the picture retrieving it.
I added the arrow because he was so far away and wearing
camo that I didn't think you'd be able to see him. He is well over 100 feet away!


shooting an arrow

Z-Curve bow and arrows. 
The bow is about 4" by 22" and the arrows are 9 1/2" long. 

clip the arrows right to your belt loops

When I asked Ryan if there was anything he didn't like about the bow he thought long and hard but the only thing he could think of was the color.  He thought it should be camouflage since it's for "hunting".  He then added that he thinks the grip would be better if it was turned around. (but it seems fine to me)  I gave it a try and he is definitely the better of the two of us with it. :)

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is recommended for ages 8 and up. It would make a great gift for kids young and old.  (I think a lot of Dads will like this one too!)

I have long been a fan of Timberdoodle for homeschool curriculum and cool games and toys.  It is one of my favorite places to order from and I love their catalog.  You can order a free catalog here or just check it out online.

You can order your own Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow from Timberdoodle for $26.99 or buy a set of 2 for $49.95.

Order this or other great gifts from Timberdoodle by Monday, December 12 (noon PST) to get your order by Christmas without upgraded shipping.  Plus free shipping on all orders over $99.


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