Thursday, October 7, 2010

Becca's senior pictures

If you read my blog you'll notice that I don't post very often about the older children.  It isn't really intentional it's just easier to blog about the things I am doing with the younger kids.  Anyway, Becca is a senior this year.  It really doesn't seem possible that we have homeschooled her since day 1 and she is in her last year.  Wow does time fly!!  We got her senior pictures taken a few weeks ago (she hasn't had professional photos done in 9 years...sad but true.)  Here are a few shots:


Joyful Mother said...

Karen, she is stunning! What a beauty - I suspect it has a lot to do with her inner beauty as well. You've done a great job.

Karen said...

Thanks Becky!

Leslie said...

She is beautiful!

I'm in the same boat with a senior this year that has been homeschooled from the start. I can't believe this is his last year. I try not to think on it too much because it just makes me sad. (Sorry if that is too depressing. I'm not ready for him to grow up and move out, kwim?)

Hugs to you friend

Anonymous said...

Karen, Your daughter is beautiful! She looks so much like you! Congratulations on homeschooling all the way through! It does go fast!

You have a beautiful family! Enjoy your weekend!

Karen said...

Thanks Leslie and Darlene,

At this point she is not planning on moving out right away so I'm not too depressed yet. :) It really has gone by fast.


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