Saturday, January 31, 2009

My plarn bag is finished!

It took quite a while and a lot of effort but I finally finished my plarn grocery bag. I used well over 100 bags to make this.


Neha Singh said...

ooo wow this hand bag looks just so cute.... nice work....

Neha Singh said...

u never reply to any of ma comments .... :(

Sherrin said...

Hello Karen,

Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed the lentil soup recipe! It is encouraging to know that taking the time to post it helped someone :)

I think the bag is clever as well!

Karen said...


You will probably never see this now but I felt I should reply since I just found your sweet comments on my blog entries. I had no idea anyone was making comments here. I was pregnant and not feeling well and pretty much abandoned this blog. So I may be late, but thank you for your kind words.


I do love that soup and picked up some more red lentils (which are so hard to find around here) so I can make it again.

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