Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stick with it Saturday

It has been ages since I have done one of these and I am so happy that Sam is doing this again.  It is good for my accountability and helps me to keep track of what I have done.
Starting this week a full 8 lbs up from my lowest weight...all gained within the last week or so coming off a low-carb diet. While it was discouraging to see the scale go up,  I didn't panic.  It is not possible to gain that much fat that quickly and so I think my body is just adjusting with fluid.  So excited to see what happens this week.  Last week I said I was going to start counting again on Monday but decided "why wait?" and am starting today. 


Still thrilled to be back on Weight Watchers and counting points.  Today was the first time in FOREVER that I have exercised.  I have been having trouble with a low body temperature. I've always had a low body temperature, but lately it has been extremely low.  I think I have a metabolism problem.  I am hoping that exercising is going to help with that.  My temperature went up over a degree just from the short workout I did today.  Share in the comments if you have any experience with this. 

Today I did a beginner level of Extreme Obstacles XRT.  I really love this app.  So much fun.

The scale moved down about .6 from yesterday.  I'm still way up...but headed in the right direction. 


Down 2 more lbs today.  I think I am shedding the water weight that I gained quickly after quitting the low-carb diet. It feels great to see the scale moving back down.


Down another .8 today.  Did Leslie Sansone's The Big Burn workout.  Enjoyed it!


Back up yesterday's .8.  No workout.


Didn't weigh today.  Did Extreme Obstacles XRT again. This is a fun app workout....doesn't take too long either. 


I am back down that .8 from Thursday.  I've lost about 3 lbs this week.  

This has been a fantastic week!  I feel so happy having left Trim Healthy Mama to go back to counting WW Points.

Goals for the upcoming week are just to follow my WW plan and exercise at least 3 times this week.

Thanks Sam for doing this again!  Link up your own diet/exercise post on Stick with it Saturday.

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