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Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Chemistry.  Does this word strike fear in your heart?  :)  Chemistry is the only subject I ever failed in high school.  Perhaps if I had been introduced to chemistry with Christian Kids Explore Chemistry in my younger years it wouldn't have seemed so foreign to me. Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is a science curriculum for grades 4-8 in the Christian Kids Explore Series from Bright Ideas Press and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to review it.


There are four books in this series written for elementary and junior high students.  Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, now in its 2nd edition, comes with a brand new resource CD that includes daily lesson plans, materials lists, all the reproducibles you need and even a bonus literature study guide for the book, Piece of the Mountain, a story about the life of Blaise Pascal.  Reproducibles include coloring pages, unit reviews, follow-up questions for each lesson and activity charts.

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is a 385 page, black and white, paperback textbook that provides 30 lessons in 5 units.  Read the Table of Contents or view Sample Pages.  You will find hands on activities such as making model atoms, breaking covalent bonds and making gas expand.  There are Chemistry terms, notations and rules, unit reviews, coloring pages and a supplemental book list.

a sample page showing clear, easy to read text with bold vocabulary words
within the text and definitions in the margin

We were introduced to this series this year and completed Christian Kids Explore Biology a few weeks ago.  I am really enjoying the series and plan to purchase the other 2 books that I don't have when we are done with Chemistry.

Each lesson is not too long making it easy to teach and not overwhelming to the student.  I read it aloud to my children but older students could certainly do this by themselves.  The vocabulary words are defined within the text AND in the margins of the lessons making it easy for students to find the words they need to define with each lesson. There is a glossary as well that students can use if they prefer. The detailed lesson plans give you 2 days of work for each week making it easy to double up for the week if you wish to cover 2 books in a year (which is my plan for next year.)  We will finish Chemistry and move on the Physics.

Lesson plans include memory work including a scripture verse (which can also be used as copy work), review, reading, discussion, vocabulary, hands on activities and supplemental reading.

Vocabulary words are placed on index cards for easy review or you can use a notebook.  We are using blank notebooking pages for vocabulary at this time.

In the supplemental reading section, you will find a list of books by unit that you can purchase or order from your library.  I have had no problem getting the books through our library system.  The lessons also have a weekly reading from the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia.  I have enjoyed using this beautiful book for the Chemistry lessons but be warned it is full of evolutionary content which I did not like when using the Biology book.

By the end of the first unit my reluctant 12 year old son told me he likes this.  High praise from him indeed!

Ryan and Emma learning the difference between mixtures and compounds.

Getting it all down on paper


You can purchase Christian Kids Explore Chemistry for $39.95 at Bright Ideas Press.  This includes the Bright Ideas Press also carries Illuminations full curriculum, history and geography resources and more.  I LOVE Bright Ideas Press and highly recommend them!

Information on the other CKE books:
Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space (grades 3-6) $34.95
Christian Kids Explore Biology (grades 3-6) $34.95
Christian Kids Explore Physics (grades 4-8) $39.95 (new 2nd edition)

Read what others are saying about the Christian Kids Explore series on the TOS crew blog. All 4 books in this series are being reviewed.  Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

disclaimer: I received a free pdf copy of Christian Kids Explore Chemistry along with a digital copy of CKEC supplements in exchange for an honest review.

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